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Cavalry Automotive - The Classic American Company


Founded July 4th, 1946, Cavalry is a classic American Car Make that always puts their hearts into their vehicles.

Background History: Tom Cavalry was always into Automobiles as a kid, and even worked for a service station. He also made a great living off of owning a shop. After selling off the shop during 1945, he founded Cavalry Automotive. He ran the company until 1968, where he was killed in a car accident. Legend has it, that the car Tom was driving, was sabotaged by a worker… nobody was ever discovered to have been involved in the incident.

Note: All prices are at a 10% markup

First Model: Type 40

The first model ever made by Cavalry Automotive is the Type 40 that was produced in years 1948 to 1951… You were able to pick up a base model for It was appreciated for it’s good reliability and for the i6’s smoothness. Although the interior and suspension are quite basic, the price makes up for both. The base and premium trim are powered by a 2.5L i6. It is a simple family car that gets you from point A to point B. However, while the base model produces 73 hp, the premium trim produces 100 hp, enough to bring not only your family, but plenty of cargo too!

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Hey, I was wondering, did you actually convert the values in the game to 2018 money? The game uses 2010 USD for the currency, no matter what year you are in.


Mate…it isn’t. It’s an ambiguous currency that just uses the dollar sign for presentation.


I thought I’d heard that 2010 USD was the currency used for the flat dollar? I’ve heard people mention that it was and agreement, although I seem to be mistaken