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Ceder Automobile Groupe | Ditane S.A | '90 Ditane 622



Simplicité et raffinement

Est 1928


Founded in 1928 Ceder has a long history of producing a range of vehicles from commercial vehicles like trucks and vans to the extremest of racing cars. With the wide variety of cars produced this naturally leads to motorsport and Ceder prides itself in its rally history that stretches all the way from the sideways days of the 60’s through to the ballistic turbos of the 80’s and into the modern era of the World Rally Championship.

Ceder has it’s headquarters based in Alençon, Normandy in France with production of sports models based in the old Ditane factory in Amiens. The Ceder Group is made up of Ceder Trucks and Buses as well as the currently dormant Ditane.

After a long hiatus from the endurance racing Ceder are planning to unviel their entry for the 2019 WEC in both GTE and LMP1 form.

Current Models

Hatchbacks -

Name Type Of Car Generation Production Start First Introduced
Mirri City Car 4th 2016 1993
Zelé Supermini 3rd 2015 2001
Friala Compact Hatch 6th 2018 1976

Sedans / Estate -

Name Type Of Car Generation Production Start First Introduced
Aspera Medium Sized Premium 2nd 2009 1998
Averau Premium MPV 4th 2015 1993

High Performance -

Name Type Of Car Generation Production Start First Introduced
Aphia Sportscar / GT Car 2nd 2017 1989

DITANE Automobiles et Racing

Founded by Julien Ditane the nephew of a wealthy Ceder dealer in Amiens, he began lightly modifying Abielle’s and producing prototypes based on them. Julien saw the potential within Ceder’s engines and placed them in the rear of tiny fiberglass bodies.

The 60’s brought interest in the world of rallying and Le-Mans to Julien causing the creation of the two most notable Ditane race cars of the 60’s the 122 and the 366LM. These two vehicles were the vital link to Ceder who’s engines were chosen to power the 122 and two were joined together for the V8 in the 366. This joint venture spawned the 322 another tiny sports car that is highly desired today and the absorption of Ditane in 1976.

Group B allowed the Ditane engineers to flex their technical muscles using their rallying experience and F1 style turbo to turn the most standard of Ceders into a mid engined rocket ship fighting at the top with Contendiente’s, Nohda’s and Merciel’s.

In the 90’s the decline of Ditane became evident and the company eventually closed up shop in 1994, in 2004 an offer to buy the Ditane name was propositioned with the answer being a catagorical ‘no’ from Ceder’s boss.

Car Company Directory

Seems like a nice Renault with a nice Alpine - and since I’m in love with the new Alpine I can’t not like it :slight_smile:


Those were the two companies is am using for inspiration , plus a bit of Citroen crazy here and there.


Alpine + Citroen = sounds like very cool :smiley:


Nice, another French manufacturer that competes in rally :heart_eyes:

I guess youve seen the Nohda Assent Group B too :wink:, but Merciel is my main company that does rally :smiling_imp:


I’d like to see the battle between them unfold

Oh and the Nohda with that livery looks fantastic.


Yeah since the spoiler and wing mods have been ported over to UE4, Ive been meaning to redo the liveries, but currently mods are broken due to an update to the UE4 engine.


Update to OP, giving some history to the compay.


Is that engine planned to be some sort of a joint project?


Your’e very good at this :joy: , yes it is.


Do you also pretty much plan to disappear for 22 years and then release a new model that will have everyone jizzing in their pants? :rofl:

Yes, you have done, top job :+1:


Well I hope the return of the company comes to that but we’ll have to wait and see. :smiley:


That rear end design is perfect :ok_hand:


Wow thank you :smiley:


Mmhhh… We’ll see you in court.



Sorry about that I knew the styling was going to be similar but I didn’t realize how similar the engine options were.:neutral_face:


No trouble! I was kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. There was basicly NO market for Porsche 956, as it was a race car and according to my research was never converted to be road legal. Didn’t you mean 959?
  2. Me liek for Porsche references
  3. Not bad coupe, but I’d place it with 928 and 930 Carrera instead of 959 - this thing seriously lacks performance to even touch 959.


I meant the 968 my bad not the 956. Even though the 968 was released at the end of the production of the first generation.

I’ve rectified that now thanks for pointing it out.


So your car essentially is between 928 and 944 during it’s lifetime?