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Ceder Historique Collection | UNDER CONSTRUCTION |


Ceder Historique Collection

Lussier Twins Paris-Dakar Ceder Cidari

The Ceder Historique Collection has been created to showcase history and heritage that has led to our ethos of today. We aim to showcase the iconic vehicles and prototypes from our history and provide details regarding their significance to the company. But the CHC does not only feature notable automobiles it hold over 250 1/5 scale models and 2500+ items of memorabilia stretching back as far as 1925.

Vehicles displayed range right from the companies beginnings up until 1995 and feature all varieties of vehicles from vans and everyday vehicles to the highest peaks of racing car performance.

The Historique Collection is expertly preserved and maintain with regular appearances at classic sporting events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Le Mans Classic.

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Seems like a nice Renault with a nice Alpine - and since I’m in love with the new Alpine I can’t not like it :slight_smile:


Alpine + Citroen = sounds like very cool :smiley:


Nice, another French manufacturer that competes in rally :heart_eyes:

I guess youve seen the Nohda Assent Group B too :wink:, but Merciel is my main company that does rally :smiling_imp:


Yeah since the spoiler and wing mods have been ported over to UE4, Ive been meaning to redo the liveries, but currently mods are broken due to an update to the UE4 engine.


Is that engine planned to be some sort of a joint project?


Do you also pretty much plan to disappear for 22 years and then release a new model that will have everyone jizzing in their pants? :rofl:

Yes, you have done, top job :+1:


That rear end design is perfect :ok_hand:


Mmhhh… We’ll see you in court.



No trouble! I was kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. There was basicly NO market for Porsche 956, as it was a race car and according to my research was never converted to be road legal. Didn’t you mean 959?
  2. Me liek for Porsche references
  3. Not bad coupe, but I’d place it with 928 and 930 Carrera instead of 959 - this thing seriously lacks performance to even touch 959.


So your car essentially is between 928 and 944 during it’s lifetime?


This would have been a great rival to the Scarlet. Pity its image was so out of step with its manufacturer’s reputation that it never sold as well as expected. Maybe a turbocharged variant would have been more appropriate? Considering that it was introduced in the 80s, it would have been very fitting indeed… And fast enough to challenge many contemporary supercars, which is saying something.


Well, well, well. With fuel injection and independent rear suspension this most definitely is a candidate for a proper fuel crisis import, eh? Looking simple but nice too, only thing that bugs me is the placement of the indicator and the reverse gear light, but that’s minor :grin:


Looks are a bit simple, but rear engined car that wants to fight you? Sign me up :grin: