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Centro Stile Betta S.p.A (Open to Design Requests)


Based on cylinders? Damn. So an Evo 10 has to pay a lot more than an aussie ute. damn


no an evo ten is much cheaper than a 6-8 cylinder ute


Those Cars are damn beautiful


That’s what I mean to say, my mind just stopped working lol


:smiley: <3


Check out the original post for more pics of the new Selini Concept :wink:


Molto bello vostro disegno.

A serious competitor for Montes about design.


Btw, try to avoid multiposting, instead you can just tag everyone in one reply like @TheMiltos21


Thanks a lot man :wink:

Really digging the Amagosta!

@cpufreak101 ok man :slight_smile:


That front 3/4 shot of the Selini is stunning…


One of my best roadster designs to date :slight_smile:




Those are some seriously sexy designs. Nice work.


Thank you :wink:


Betta Paleosis Concept, check out the OP for more pics!


Betta Prestige, check the OP out for more pics :wink: A big, luxury 5-door sportback that has a 420hp tower of power up front, managing to move this 2-tonne luxury mobile at paces of 300km/h while accelerating to 100kmh in 5 seconds and only requiring 10L of fuel per 100km.


The Erin Visto CSB Edition, designed by Centro Stile Betta for the Erin Motor Company. Powered by a 158hp 1.4T, not only does it look fast, but it really is. Check out the OP and the Erin Motor Company Showroom thread for more pics and details! Glad @DeusExMackia liked it :wink:


Those cars a truly stunning


Galt Communitasia MKII Tetrad CSB Edition (Check OP for more pics)

Powered by a 180hp 220lb-ft 2.4 12V Turbo Motor Tuned by Betta Motori and Designed by CSB.
0-100km/h in 7 seconds, back in 1975.


Betta SportVeloce Concept (Check OP for more pics)

In true Betta fashion, it manages a top speed of 290km/h, only requires 4.3 seconds to 100km/h while only consuming 6.9L of Gasoline per 100km.