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Centro Stile Betta S.p.A (Open to Design Requests)


Sadly, due to the latest Automation update, older Betta designs got lost, including a really sexy roadster based on the ND Miata body.

However, there’s a new Betta!
It’s called the Betta Turismo. Currently available in two trims, both share the same 1.8L Turbo engine, in two very different states of tune. The eco version is relaxed, spools from low down and is paired to a fwd drivetrain in a luxury-focused premium hatch body. The sport version revs far higher, makes almost double the power, powers double the wheels and looks plainly mean.

Check’em out, along with more tech specs here :


It’s radial blur, not motion blur, for the wheels.


Thanks for the tip man


Greetings! My name is Akinai Migawari, and I am a representative from Kasai Motors.

I have read through your company’s excellent design portfolio, and I would like to propose a collaboration with your company to design our future cars using our range of engines. You see, Kasai’s cars are known to have excellent performance for the price, but reviewers have also been criticizing their unappealing body styling, especially those from the year 2010 and later. Which is why we are currently looking for an external solution to overcome that problem.

We hope to hear good news from you. Thank you for your attention.


It seems to have more vents up front that would normally be necessary, but this latest Betta is an excellent hot hatch, judging by the specs alone.


I’d be more than glad to help, shoot me a PM


The 1990 Betta Brava

A.k.a. my entrant to the Automation Design Competition for the Hatch/Fun Category, a.k.a. Competition G.
It was supposed to look Euro/Japanese, be comfortable, practical, fast, sporty and cheap at the same time.
It wasn’t supposed to look sporty and elegant like all newer Bettas do, but it had to be period & category correct.

It’s powered by an advanced 1.6 20-Valve Turbo unit, producing 148hp and giving 5.7L/100km fuel economy when paired to the standard 4-speed auto. Scores particularly high in the Fun category (approximately 150).

The Betta Brava Polaris Concept

Well, I’ve had second thoughts regarding my entrant to the competition. I thought it looked too bland, too cheap & cheeky. I don’t think it’ll score well due to that, it’s not special or sporty enough. I decided to fix this, but it’s too late. And I miiiight have overdone it.

Or, should I say, Betta engineers overdid it. Who knew a bland Brava could look like that?

Things get far more serious on the technical side of things though. The same 1.6L lump remains, only that this time it puts out 334hp, powering all four wheels wrapped on semi-slick rubber through a 5speed manual. Bone-breaking suspension, absolutely zero luxuries and only 2 seats instead of four compliment the track-nature of the Brava Polaris.


Ladies and gentlemen, Betta is presenting the Betta Taglia.

Taglia stands for Reward in Italian, kind of like Miata stands for reward in ancient german cough-cough.

This is the Taglia Nevada Special Edition, finished in the edition-specific Betta Cerion Silver.

Car Technical Specs :
7.4s to 100km/h
210km/h Top Speed
1311kg Weight
6-Speed Manual & Geared LSD

Engine Technical Specs :
Betta 1.8VVTR Eco
1847cc Inline-4 16-Valve Turbo
VVL, VVT, Direct Injection, Intercooled
155.8hp @5700RPM (150hp @5000-7300RPM)
223nm @4000rpm (200nm @2000-5400RPM)
7300RPM Redline
37.2% Efficiency Using 95RON Fuel


The 1990 Brava is a very good design IMO. I can’t think of a single 1990 small hatchback that is better looking than the Brava, and it would not have looked dated 15 years after its introduction…


Thanks for your kind words man. It follows a stick-to-the-basics approach, where everything should go together and should work, while having few interesting design twists (indicators on the end of the bumper trim is a good example).

Most of my designs are sporty and aggressive, but I toned it down massively as this was the 90’s and it had to be period-correct. The Polaris concept is closer to how I’d want it, minus the hood vents and wing (which are supposed to be functional, kind of like the evo and STi).

Fun fact : I was inspired to make the Brava by another weird 90’s hatchback called Brava, the Fiat Brava. It’s a car we own and love, so naturally I got inspired by it! This is a 1995 design. Compare it stylistically to the Ford Escort or Nissan Pulsar it was up against…


You know, I too made a car inspired by the Brava, or more accurately its slightly larger sibling the Marea. But it’s not that obvious.


Oh I can definitely see it! It does look quite close to the Marea! The front bumper fixture arrangement is very very similar!


Yes, I noticed the similarities with the Fiat Brava, but it still has a style of its own.
Compared to the Fiat Tipo of the same vintage, the Betta Brava is looking much better.


Presenting, the Kasai Shindai. Designed by Centro Stile Betta, for @goblin95

Finished in Betta Chacarron Brown, with optional 19" Betta Gunsmoke Grey 10-spoke wheels and Temperamento Orange calipers.

Of course, being a CSB Design, it looks very aggressive, sharp and elegant. The CSB team did a fair job distinguishing it from Bettas, while still looking incredible, don’t you think?