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Cesa210's Mods(Submit your request here)


Maybe, but they are not that common in Classic Muscle Cars, maybe if you were more specific about what kind of side skirts.

A photo or a car model in particular that have the side skirts that you want would help.


Like this


Yeah that’s easy to make on Blender, but i have to figure out how to implemented on Automation, the key is to not get ugly deformations due to the skirt wanting to adapt to the body shape that is so close to the wheel arc area.


You can also just use ingame bumpers or lips. Don’t need a specific fixture for it


But then you end up with downforce you don’t want (because apparently we don’t want downforce)…:thinking:


But you can also just use Bumpers instead


Don’t get all “problem-solver” with me, I’m trying to make things difficult😜


Since I’ve tried many bodies…
I’d like to request… (warning… 80s boxes are coming…)


I’ve tried using vanila boxy style, (86 one) but I can’t accept forward rake of B pillar (and it is unmovable) if choosing 4 or 5 doors…


Yeah, i will look into this, i would love to have some nice European or Asiatic boxy bodies, usually the American 80s boxes are so god damn ugly with some exceptions: Mustang Fox Body, Montecarlo(I own one :slight_smile: ), GNX…etc. They are kind of ugly but they look bad ass.

But since there is a massive content update form the developers i will wait, as a matter of fact i have a exhaust mod just ready for release but since its a exhaust mod i will wait until i can implement the new functionality.


Can you make a intercooler? Same piece with 3 versions, one in front of the bumper, one flush with the bumper and one behind the bumper for showing behind the grille.


i can try and hope that they look good in the game.


Hey dude! As of me being a big JDM fan, there is 2 bodies mod i would like you to make ^^
2 Sweet 90s iconic JDM Cars like the Supra A90 & The RX7 FD.



Well i focus on Muscle Cars and designs form 80s and before, but for a supra i will make an exception, since i really like that car.

But the RX7 is to complicated for me, i can’t do it man:disappointed:, just look at the design and you can appreciate how many curvy sections, very subtle curves, and how the cabin is made is very hard for me to see how i am going to make that, so the RX7 no.

The Supra on the other hand is a more straight forward design, the detail come form the fixtures not so much from the body.


I know they aren’t quite the same, but the 3000gt is very similar to the rx-7 shape wise. I also think the Supra would be a better body to do out of the two.


Great work on the mods so far!

I was wondering if you would be able to make a duck tail style spoiler like rocket bunny or any lip style spoilers in general.
Also would bolt on fender flares like those fitted to the holden torana as shown below be possible for you to create.



I would say: Yes for the spoiler, maybe for the fenders.

What i mean is that they can be done but the may not look right in game, they will look weird no matter how i do them, but i can make an effort to minimize that weird look.


Even if they were not a 3-D fixture but at least had the outline of the flare and the bolts, it could be used on existing bodies where the wheel arches can be extended to a large degree to make them appear as though they were not stretched.


Cesa210, my request would be these spotlights. Many 1940s cars featured them as “driving lights” and police cars also had them, so why not this good idea?


Yeah, i like that idea, so we can do more realistic police vehicles. :sunglasses:

As a matter of fact i will release something this next Friday, any of the next ideas will be made, but just one :neutral_face::

  • This Spotlight,
  • The Side-skirt that @Marcus_gt500 requested or,
  • The Inter-cooler that @Marcus_gt500 also requested, since i have a lot of cars with turbo and it would be nice to finally see an inter-cooler.

Any of those will be release at the end of the next week.


Something kind of interesting I would like to see in automation is crazy tuner exhaust pipes.

I know it would be a hard item to make, but it would look so crazy with our crazy enough vehicles.