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Cesa210's Mods(Submit your request here)


This actually looks interesting, but i would need time to search and find more cool designs besides this.

Right now i will release 3 Wheels mods, 1 to 6 wheels each :thinking: :

  • A Classic Muscle, Hotwire Torana (Simmons V5) and variants.
  • A Generic Pack, they will be mostly covers and bare metal.
  • A Surprise

This will take me from 1 to 3 weeks each, and then i will finally start doing body mods.

So maybe in between i will be able to do some quick and simple mods like tunner exhaust :stuck_out_tongue:.


Could you add a Z06…Ehh




The Z06 body is already in the game though. Unless you mean the wheels for it then yes.


These are two of my suggestions for body styles, as modern minivans asides from the 1995 People Mover are currently lackluster both mod-wise and vanilla-wise.

I hope to see either of these two minivans.


Honestly i am not that interested on vans, people movers or else.

I like the …

American Muscle car

I love the Camaro and i have the Monte Carlo(not SS).

Japanese Import car

I wish i own both car they will be so much fun to drive.

Classic Super car

The Miura which to em is the most beautiful car i ever see, an the Jaguar which is pretty good looking car too.

I like fancy, not necessarily expensive, designs and a van is not something i will consider fancy.

In general i will take any request but this time i will say no, i really don like Vans and frankly will not get any enjoyment out making this type of body.


sees a G-body referred to as a “muscle car”

Anyway… if you’re not interested in filling gaps, which, is what people are asking for, here’s some you can do or make similar to, as there are fewer gaps in the muscle/sports car body families than elswehere:

(Without C-pillar window)
(With C-pillar window)

(FYI, that 4-banger, 4-door GLHS will smoke EVERY G-body except the rare GNX. It will also smoke that Z28 above… stock.)

There was also a ute version of that body.

Long fastbacks hardtops like the Marlin, maybe?

In the early 90’s, something like this that could make a NX/MX6/Piazza or similar?


Sooo… do you fancy the most charming thing on wheels to ever come out of a brazilian drawtable?


GLHS! :heart_eyes:


Haha the Monte Carlos of that era were pretty, but oh my god we’re they slow. One pulled out in front of my dad and I, and we tried to go around them but they floored it to stop us. So in our 1996 Grand Caravan (with the 3.3L!) we sped up and stuck with them the entire way. Fun! :joy:


i do :grinning:


I gotta say, the spotlight mod really sets off certain cars, even cop cars. I used it as driving lights for my 902 Roadster for BeamNG, and it really helps the car. Nice job on it, Cesa.


The first three should be possible to recreate on game, or at least something close enough, it would just need some extra fixture pieces like the taillight.

The last two yes, they should be in the game ASAP.


If you need any detail pictures, I have one at the garage, and a huge collection of old magazine and production line pics.


I will take that into account when i start making the model.


Actually you can’t recreate that rear quarter on the hatchback with anything in the game. Neither the available morphing of the 2 candidate bodies nor the available fixtures will get you that result. For that matter, the front morphing of the 2 candidate bodies also can’t create that shallow of a slope. They’re both way too upright.

But thanks on the other 2 body suggestions.


Yeah, but also i feel that there are already a couple “boxy” 80s American bodies on the game, and not enough rounded bodies from 60s to 70s, an the ones that are are very Falcon like or even Datsun like bodies, not a huge variance.

And i know that the developers have they hands full preparing for the campaign and that’s why i instead of asking for more content (not that that is wrong in any way, i am just a very impatient person) i start making my own content, but at the same time i do this on my free time since i am finishing my college studies and i don’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate to this.

So i prefer to do a mod that i really like rather that covering something that other modders may be able to do, like by example i prefer to do the WV Brasilia that @Marcus_gt500 suggested than a modern super car like the Pagani Huayra, because i know that probably somebody else will cover, eventually, this kind of content since is a very popular and current topic so i don’t bother.

So is not that i don’t like your request i just that i don’t have that much time, nor skill, so i have to use it wisely.


That Jaguar E-Type is on the list of wanted bodies for the game if you wanted to give it a shot. I’d love to see an NX body too, although boxier bodies are generally easier to start off with. If/whenever you start getting into body mods, the discord has a modding channel if you run into issues or need help if you haven’t been on there yet :wink:


Yeah, i will take the discord channel into account when i start any body mod.


Am I the only one who can’t figure out how to download your mods? And can I have someone help me on how to do it?