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Chilpollins designs


I’m all over the place when it comes to designs/brands. So I’ll make a thread, adding them as I go.

2020 Pomtiac SJ8



Rolston Gryphon


Toyota 4Runner


Dude. Slow down.


My apologies. I have a bunch of designs, and I’ve been wanting to share them for a while. I just got excited is all.


Try to limit multiposting.


I would post more in the same post, but I don’t have permission yet.


I don’t know about yours, but this is what I see up there

You know, you could’ve just uploaded the pics directly here (within size limit) instead of hotlinking them from sites like Photobucket.
Also, would you like to explain what do you mean by “I don’t have permission yet”?


Yeah, Photobucket appears to have been broken for a long while.

I would recommend, if you can’t upload here, to use Imgur or even Flickr


Duly noted. Thanks guys! I will be deleting this thread.


I will second Imgur. I’ve used nothing else since I found it!