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[Closed] Endfinity's Design Challenge: Episode 1 - The People's Choice


Welp. I forgot about that…

I’ll do better next time.


I have a proposal. Retcon the round and re-run it for the new Stable build!


1: I would have entered something, since the unique challenges of building for a planned economy fascinates me, but I’d converted to the Open Beta already and it wasn’t worth the hassle to convert back for a single competition (no matter how cool)

2: Design challenges are awesome and unique perspectives and premises are worth supporting. You simply picked the worst time to start a new challenge!

3: You didn’t get the results you wanted; re-run the challenge and you’ll get more people enter, the current entrants can learn from their mistakes and re-submit (or build a new car, lol) and you’ll have a more satisfying crop of cars to judge once it’s done…

It’s your call, either way, but it’d be really fun to be able to have another (in my case; first, lol) crack at this competition!!!

(@VicVictory, prepare an Ardent challenger, should my idea be embraced, because Bogliq USA will be hunting extra revenue via our Soviet comrades!!! :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:)


I think I will simply run a different challenge at some point later, don’t see much point in running the same challenge again, especially it seems it was a bit overcomplicated.
The reason I ran the challenge at this point in time is because 1) This was my only chance to get everything figured out to set up a first challenge since I got a week pretty much free and 2) When I started it I thought challenges like the CSR would be on halt and thought I’d give people a chance to enter this during the wait, here I stand corrected however.


Fair enough, you keep on doing you and I’ll make sure to check out your next competition!!! :wink::laughing::innocent:

(@VicVictory, false alarm, I’ll get back to preparing my Gen II cars now, lol :persevere::triumph::nerd_face:)


Well… Uhhh… …I didn’t realise this’d been finished early until I’d already completed a design, but I may as well show it anyway, so here it is:

The 1955 PALARV 401 & PALARV 401-Offroad