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Codename Indistinct - Challenge


Wow, what a nice surprise! :blush:

Well I thought the Windsor is a nice car, but I haven’t got a clue how good are its stats against the other competitors. I was hoped for a good result (maybe in top 5) but winning…

I’ve been sure that I wanted to use the fabulous new '50s Euro LWB body by MisterL. It was a pleasure to play with it. Thanks for your outstanding work Sir! :wink:
I went for an American look. At first I experimented to add some more chrome to it, like chrome bullets to the hood like you can see on the '57 Bel Air but finally I went for a cleaner look, in the mood of the '55-56 Chryslers.

Engine: I was done quickly: I went straight to make a big six. I thought it would be a good idea to spare some production costs with a simple but balanced engine and put that money into comfort and safety equipment. So I havent even consider the V12. (Well, Leon had a Jag with a six, so I hoped it won’t be a draw-back :slight_smile:
My first attempt was 3.5 litre capacity. First goal was to have some performance but avoid valve-float. With double carbs it managed to do enough power and after that I’ve de-tuned it to silent operation. I’ve lost about 5-8 horsepower but gained more silent and smooth running.
After putting in the 2-speed autobox (Power-Glide? :slight_smile: I was surprised that this big barge is able to reach 190km/h. I found it enough and left the Six at 3.5 litres capacity.

Thanks Aruna for hosting this challenge, I’ve really enjoyed designing the car for it and after that checking out the other competitors’ creations. I’ve no idea for the theme of the next challenge, but I’m sure you’ll came up with another good idea - if not now maybe a couple of weeks later. :wink:


Thanks! To be honest I thought you’ll be the winner - the amount of detail on the LaFayette is amazing. You’re the Master Of Chrome man, that’s for sure!


It is great to be the last one hehe :smile:

That was a nice competition and thank you for your time. I got a lot of new ideas.

The concept is very nice and I hope this challenge will continue with new versions.