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Codename Indistinct IV (Open Sep 25th)


Hall Vertigo by Propeller



The new touring sedan by Chrysalis.

Powered by a 159HP 3.5 litre inline six the Windsor is able to reach 192km/h top speed. The interior has room for four person to travel in perfect comfort, to have a smooth and silent ride. A Hetvesian made clock on the dashboard is standard equipment in every Windsor, as power windows, power seats, and electric windscreen wipers.
“Northern Wind” air-conditioning system is an option, it comes with a bottle cooler integrated into the rear middle armrest which contains two handcrafted crystal glasses and a bottle of fine Hetvesian champagne.


Introducing Forecastle
A new global brand that has strong roots in its owners naval heritage and just like the ships that Mr. Hall built his automobiles are designed to cross continents in utter comfort, safety and with great haste.

Design Proposal
The first Model, The OCEANA is designed to be appealing to both European and American markets. It achieves this by harmonizing the imposing chrome elements of the Americas and the elegance of the Old Continent. It’s a land ship that impresses with it’s presence and attention to detail.

Attention to details
The design abounds of nautical inspired details, the hood ornament is meant to evoke the bow of a ship that brakes waves. The headlight chrome decorations are a call back to the masts of large sail galleons. The center-line is inspired by the wake of ships and signifies the beginning of a long uninterrupted journey. The B pillar comes in standard with a bespoke stylized sailing rope pattern designed by a local artist but can be customized if the client desires to truly make the automobile their own.


ERA-Thebe Savoy

The comfort of your home but on the road


i hope its ok if i deleted my original post and put up a new one as i didn’t like some of the details of my old car and i’ve tidied it up now


Incomparable Craftsmanship.

The Stonewall Motor car is a majestic presentation of unalloyed quality and dedicated Craftsmanship. It is a unique blending of dignity and luxury … authority and practicality.

The motorway concept, by Stonewall.


That is absolutely gorgeous. An excellent balance of tasteful and distinct. Not sure about the color combo, but.other than that perfection. How did you manage to fit a 3.5 I6 in there though?


Thanks for the kind words! I really like '50s and '60s cars so I was very happy when I saw a challenge set in this era.

The 3.5 fits into the Windsor easily: for FWD setup the longitudal arrow was red of course, but for RWD it was green. (Engine bay fill was around 55% or something like that.) It didn’t need tricky sizing, tweaking or anything: stroke is a bit longer than bore, that’s it, no extreme under- or oversquare.

By the way the engine has direct operating OHC, 2 valves / cylinder, fed by twin 2brl carbs, air-cleaner is standard, exhaust is tuned for silent operating, so there are some extra horses stayed hidden. :slight_smile:
Maybe with a different cam and carb setup it would have been too tall to fit, but I havent tested, I went straight for this setup. I tried to keep it realistic for a '55 car, so no DOHC and 4 valves stuff here.

Color combo: maybe the Autumn Gold roof is a little bit extravagant but I think it’s not over the top for a 1950s prototype showcar.
Thanks again for your comment!


Is that the 1950s Euro body? Can’t be… couldn’t fit more than a 2.5 liter six in, so I went with a 4 liter ohv V12.

Also, a dohc straight six wouldn’t be too wild for the 50s, Jaguar was doing it I believe.


MisterL released an LWB version of his excellent 50s Euro body, I used that. As I said the 3.5 litre was an easy fit. Are you sure that you tried the LWB body?
DOHC: I haven’t remembered but checked on the web and yes, you’re right, the XK engine was DOHC! :open_mouth: I usually try not to overshoot the technical level of the era when I design my cars so when I’m not sure I use lesser tech. I rather loose some performance advantages than getting accused of “cheating” with featuring too advanced technology.
The only cheat I sometimes do is the use of radial tires earlier than the late 60s. It was not forbidden in this challenge so I went for them, and I wouldnt be surprised if most of the competitors above use radials. At least I kept the tire size period correct. :wink:


1958 Turból-Undeutlich Golden Lion

American luxury manufacturer Turból contracted upstart Hetvesian engineering firm Undeutlich to develop the double-wishbone independent rear suspension that differentiates the Golden Lion from other versions of Turból’s full size luxury offerings.


1955 Hall Automobiles La Campanella 4.0 Saloon


Only around 16 hours left until the competition is closed!


Soo yeah i’ve made a late 50’s car lately, So I thought it could be interesting to bring it to this competition. Enjoy
the 1958 Lafayette Special 6 Concept.

full walk-around


Kensington & Sons, an English family coach-building company

Beep Beep


Entires are closed! I will be preparing the results, likely for posting later today or tomorrow sometime. :slight_smile:


was just about to ask if it was still open lol


1956 - Hetvesia - Gerald's house

After being in circulation for a few months, Gerald and Leon had quite a few companies interested to partner up for the concept car. The following couple of weeks, the two reviewed the potential cars given to them on trips back and forth to the office.

@EnCR - Avantii Prototype I

The two inspected the Avantii.

Gerald: Hmm. Rather nice. I certainly like the two-tone and abundance of chrome, it gives it that luxury essence.

Leon: You’re the boss, I’m not quite sure why you want me to help look the cars over.

Gerald: Chuckles. Well, you have the luxury car to compare these to.

Leon: Upon getting inside the car, it feels comfortable, but more-so roomy. It’s very spacious, more so than my Jag actually.

Gerald climbs inside the drivers side, and agrees. They then set off to see how it drove…


  • Overall manufacturing costs.
  • Practicality as a premium car in Hetvesia.
  • Design fits the key words, and looks great.


  • Fuel Economy is good but could be improved.
  • Comfort and loudness are good but could be improved.


Gerald was quite happy with his experience in the Avantii. It did quite well in all factors for him.

@patridam - Bjork Serafine V12

In the evening Gerald took the Serafine V12 for a spin back home, firstly looking over the body.

Gerald: Oh yes, this is quite nice. Rather basic but distinct.

After a while of driving, Gerald was extremely impressed by the ride and comfort factors, as well as the engine note, of which he was also amazed at how full the tank was by the time he’d gotten home!

Gerald: Lighting a cigar, upon exiting the car, Gerald looked the Serafine over with a grin. Not bad at all.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Great fuel efficiency.
  • Safe and rugged on difficult roads.


  • Design is rather simplified, could do with a bit more detailing to plain areas such as extra bumper detailing.


Gerald is overly impressed with the handling & performance of the car, but the overall flair the car gives isn’t ideally to his liking.

@BF94387 - Vol De Luxe

The next morning Gerald and Leon were presented the Vol De Luxe to test.

Leon: Good morning Gerald. Here is the Vol De Luxe.

Gerald: As Leon passed the keys to him, Gerald looked it over. Quite american looking. I bet it’s heavy from all the luxury insides no less heh.

The fabulous exterior was reflected on the interior, being lavish and comfortable as desired. Both enjoyed the drive to work, and found themselves having a good look over the details and lines the car possessed.


  • Good design, very flashy and premium.
  • Great safety ranking.
  • Good comfort.


  • Fuel Economy isn’t bad but could be improved
  • Cost to produce is leaning high.


The car is rather large and bulky, but makes up for it in the comfort, design, and safety rankings. Gerald likes the flashy styling the car has. A stand out presentation.

@GassTiresandOil - Lausanne Concept

On the evening back, Gerald took the Lausanne for a drive.

Gerald: Ah, another classy looking American design? I can get behind the lathering of chrome on it, but how does it stand on the inside?

After going on a drive, the Lausanne was rather good with fuel, but not really the most comfortable car he’d driven yet.


  • Sweet two-tone design.
  • Great fuel economy.
  • Great safety rating.


  • Very high cost to produce.
  • Comfort and practical factors for driving not as high as ideally needed.


The price is high for the company to produce, making it quite a risk to undertake, one Gerald isn’t certainly keen on.

@yigitekimdemir - Aurora Mark I

In the morning, same deal again. Leon pulled up with the Aurora Mark I, as Gerald came out to see him.

Leon: Looking frustrated, he handed the keys to Gerald. Let’s get on with it then?

Gerald: Alright.

They got inside the car. Seeing Leon’s expression and the design, Gerald didn’t hold up any expectations, and was rather unhappy with the feel of the interior. It felt more basic than anything he’d driven before.


  • Great safety.
  • Good cost to produce.


  • Lacking in comfort especially for a premium car.
  • Design could be improved upon.
  • Hard to drive and not as practical as competitors.


The car isn’t up to standards Gerald was looking for really, it’s the most uncomfortable and has the lowest drivability of the entries.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

@Mikonp7 - Hall Vertigo by Propeller

Come the evening, it was time to go homeward bound again for Gerald, this time the Hall Vertigo was his ride home.

Gerald: I can’t help but feel there is a somewhat rally-car feel to this one. Likely the fog-lights. Better safe than not having them in this part of the world though. Knowing how dense the fog and snow gets at times.

The journey back went fine. Gerald felt quite okay inside but it did lack in comparison to cars he’d driven before.


  • Unique design with good practical factors to it.
  • Very spacious inside.
  • More than ideal fuel economy.


  • Uncomfortable and a bit loud.
  • Somewhat costly to produce.
  • Low safety rating.


The design is very interesting, and certainly caught Gerald’s eyes. However the pros compared to cons in total didn’t make up for it.

@RedRiot - Chrysalis Windsor

Morning again, and the duo were testing the Chrysalis Windsor.

Leon: This one is quite pretty don’t you think?

Gerald: Yeah, I suppose so. It’s quite nice in these colours.

The two got inside, and both looked quite pleased at the feel of the interior. It was adequately comfy. Upon driving, the car was silent and had a great ride to it.


  • Great design, beauty in the simplicity of design.
  • Good costs to produce.
  • Good safety rating.
  • Comfortable and quiet ride.


  • Decent fuel economy, but could be improved.
  • Not as practical as other entries for the conditions of Hetvesia.


The Chrysalis Windsor has certainly impressed Gerald, there is a lot of positives stacked up for the car.

@OME - Forecastle Oceania GT

In the evening, Gerald got to view the Oceania GT for the first time.

Gerald: Rather fancy design, like nothing of the sort I’ve seen before with those headlights and bumpers.

After taking a full look around the small detailing which he did find very nice, he took the car for a drive. Amazed at the fuel economy when he had gotten home, with the comfort and design slowly following, he was happy, till he saw how expensive it was to produce in comparison to others.


  • Outstanding fuel economy.
  • Unique, premium design.


  • Okay comfort and noise levels, but could be improved.
  • Extremely expensive to produce for it not being as luxurious as the competitors.


Gerald is quite happy with the Oceania GT, but not so happy about how costly it’d be as his first potential investment for the company.

@mart1n2005 - Knightwick bodied car

Once again come sunrise, Leon had arrived at Gerald’s house. The two chatted outside as they viewed the Knightwick

Leon: I like this one, it’s rather elegant, has a flow to the design that is right up my street.

Gerald: Hmm. He gazed as he walked around the vehicle. Not looking too over-joyed. Yes.

Leon: Yes?

Gerald: Yes I agree. He sighed.

And so the two got into the car, and drove to work. Leon appreciated the design, but it certainly seemed that Gerald was not interested. However, it performed well on the road, very well in fact. In the end, after Gerald left to work, he didn’t look back at it like he did with other cars.


  • Very desirable costs to produce.
  • Good practicality, utility and off road scores.


  • Mediocre fuel economy in comparison to other entries.
  • Average comfort and loudness, could be improved upon to even the low cost.
  • Okay design, but nothing quite lavish or vigorous immediately resonates from it.


Rather normal in almost all areas, but nothing stood out to Gerald with the Knightwick.

@DoctorNarfy Stonewall Motorway Concept

In the evening, snow was floating gently to the ground outside the office. Gerald made his way quickly inside the Stonewall Motorway to get home.

Gerald: It feels very rugged inside, and quite comfortable indeed as such a big barge would be.

He drove it home in the snow at a safe pace, and didn’t have trouble handling it considering the conditions.


  • Very high safety score.
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Good comfort score.


  • Okay design, but could be improved upon to make it flourish more.
  • Low practicality scores for the sort of car needed.


The Motorway Concept is quite good, but the competition was certainly more attractive to Gerald unfortunately.

@donutsnail Undeutlich Golden Lion

In the morning, Gerald woke up to see a golden car outside. Another rather large looking barge. After having a smoke, he met up with Leon.

Gerald: Good morning Leon, what’s this one then?

Leon: The Golden Lion. Quite a fancy name no?

Gerald: Mmm. Quite.

He took a wander around the car before they got in and set off. It was very comfortable inside for sure, but not as fuel-efficient or as suited to road as Gerald had hoped.


  • Outstanding comfort & not too loud.
  • Great safety.
  • Good practical scores.


  • Quite expensive to produce.
  • Ok fuel economy but not as high in comparison to others.


Very luxurious, but not quite what Gerald is looking for. On it’s own accord quite good however.

@titleguy1 Hall Automobiles La Campanella 4.0 Saloon

Evening soon followed, and Gerald was bewildered at first, thinking what he saw was a sports car, although in closer inspection it was a neat saloon, thinking the size was what caught him off guard.

Gerald: Hmm, I can get behind the looks and styling definitely. But how does it perform?

After his usual route home, he summed up the interior was certainly nothing compared to the exterior, they didn’t feel like the same car from inside out. But the cost for what it did, that was very intriguing.


  • Very nice design.
  • Extremely low cost to produce for the quality.
  • Good fuel economy.


  • Non-ideal comfort score.
  • Rather low off-road score.


A great car by it’s self, but it scored quite low in terms of comfort which caught Gerald by surprise from it’s attractive exterior.

@mat1476 - Lafayetta Special 6

The next morning, Leon had arrived in the Lafayetta Special 6. Gerald was already waiting outside from an early breakfast.

Leon: So what do you think?

Gerald: Oh yes. This is simply marvellous, certainly a design I can get behind.

After a few moments of looking over the design with a smile, Gerald got in, and the two sped over to work. Everything else put to one side, this was certainly one that Gerald liked. He had a thinking face on for quite a while in the office that day.


  • Fantastic, lush design and colour scheme.
  • Great practical stats.
  • Great fuel economy.


  • Rather expensive costs.
  • Low safety rating.


A very fabulous looking design, which fits right into Gerald’s scope for the car. The high costs and low safety rating were concerning however.

@ProfessorP3PP3R Kensington Debonair

That evening the final car was waiting for Gerald to be looked over. He saw it below the streetlights, dusted with a bit of snow cover. It had a certain elegance to it.

Gerald: Rather an interesting look. But I do admire the colours.

With that he went on to give it a gentle drive home. The interior was magnificently comfortable, and Gerald found himself almost drifting off to sleep from it being so. It was also quite good at dealing with the road and snow.


  • Great design and attention to detailing, exquisite two-tone.
  • Good comfort stat and rather quiet.
  • Great practicality.


  • Somewhat expensive to produce.
  • Safe, but not as safe as other cars.


A great machine, albeit not fully to Gerald’s liking, it makes a good competitor to the rest.

The verdict:

Congratulations to @RedRiot! The Windsor is the champion. Having a great set of stats paired with a refined, stylish design which pushed it to the top.

Thank you everyone who entered my second automation competition/challenge! I had a lot of fun looking over all entries and I really admire the time and effort put into them all! Awesome work everyone!

1st: @RedRiot
2nd: @mat1476
3rd: @patridam
4th: @EnCR
5th: @BF94387
6th: @ProfessorP3PP3R
6th: @donutsnail
7th: @GassTiresandOil
8th: @OME
9th: @titleguy1
10th: @mart1n2005
11th: @Mikonp7
12th: @DoctorNarfy
13th: @yigitekimdemir

Unfortunately @Sky-High & @Kyuu77 are disqualified because of both not having entered saloon cars. Although on my behalf I am sorry for not making it more clearer.

I am open to the idea of Codename Indistinct becoming a new challenge series, but don't really have much of an idea behind how it would continue, other than perhaps it following the same idea of client "X" needs a car for his brand "Y" and wants you to help. Please discuss below about this! If so, the flag will be passed to RedRiot!


Thanks for hosting! I think that this challenge was fun, but it might be difficult to weave into a challenge with any more continuity. There’s no problems with keeping this as a one-time challenge :grin:


2nd! That is beyond any of my expectations :heart:️congrats to RedRiot and Thanks aruna for hosting this event!