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Codename Indistinct IV (Open Sep 25th)


So basically a Corolla/AE86 challenge, or Golf/Corrado? Seems interesting for sure.


Not particularly, we’re talking Cavalier/Calibra and 406/406 Coupe, the segment up from Golf/Corrado etc.


So… how is everyone?


I’m sure people are participating in this challenge. It usually can take a while to make a car if that is what you are wondering.


There’s no rules, we’re waiting on the rules before we make anything.


Any ETA on part III? :eyes:


This seemed a good premise too, shame for it to be dropped


If there is struggles getting it out, I would be okay with having it done at a later date and having 2nd place host a replacement!


I would have no problem with attempting a round myself. Just need to know what sort of rules can I work with. Is it basically design a car for one of my lore companies?


Pretty much yeah! It’s basically X company needs to outsource design or engineering or both, that was my idea behind Indistinct so it’s different to the other comps about, feel free to change it up how you like though, ambitious approaches would be cool to see!

Codename Indistinct III

1982, Springfield Massachusetts.

Valiant motors is poised to replace the Efinity model, a shared platform with Knightwick of Great Britain. However this relationship has soured in recent years and instead of sharing any technology Valiant are going to build this new model themselves using their own expertise.

The Valiant Efinity (1974-1981)

This was Valiant’s first subcompact car. It was every bit the standard American sub compact with a leaf sprung rear axle, drum brakes all round and a three speed manual gearbox on the basic inline 6 variant.
The Variant above is the 1974 “sports pack” powered by Knightwick’s 3.0 V6 engine and using a 4 speed manual gearbox.

The 1974 Efinity can be downloaded here to get an idea and also if you want the 3.0 engine to clone into another car

Valiant_Efinity_-V6_sport_pack(74).car (61.1 KB)


Your task: To design and develop an American subcompact car that will be launched in 1983 to compete in the now bustling smaller car market.


  • Model and Trim set to 1983 as this will be a brand new model.
  • One entry per person and no resubmissions.
  • don’t worry abut markets, they aren’t judged.


Monocoque chassis is really the only choice for a sub-compact, material is up to you but obviously be realistic.

Engine and Drivetrain.

  • You can use the 3.0 V6 engine from the Efinity as the use of this has been negotiated with Knightwick. It has the ability for the capacity to be increased to 3.2l if required.
  • You can also make a whole new engine, this must have the engine family and variant set to 1983. A new engine may be the best idea, which will become clear later. However it will be easier to use a brought in engine.
  • fwd and rwd are viable drive types. Don’t use 4x4.
  • Fuel should be 91RON unleaded with a catalytic converter required.


  • Tyres must end in the number 5. Try and look at real cars for size guidelines.
  • Staggered tyre setups are a big no

Legal Regulations.

  • Headlamps must be sealed beams, either 2 or 4 lights. Square or round are allowed.
    2 square lamps would be 200x142mm, 2 round lamps would be 177.8mm
    4 square lamps would be 165x100mm, 4 round lamps would be 146mm
    Headlamps should have no aerodynamic covers
  • Orange parking lights on the front of the car
  • orange side marker on the front side of the car, red side marker on rear side of the car.
  • 2.5mph bumpers are allowed now as this will be launched in 1983, following the relaxing of bumper regulations in the current year.

Everything else

  • The interior, safety and fuel economy is up to you. Obviously bear in mind this is a sub-compact car so go for what was realistic on cars of this type.
  • For the Valiant badge you need this pack Knightwick badges




But wait, there is more......

More challenge coming up right now

This car also needs to be sold in the UK as a right hand drive vehicle to recoup some of the development costs and also Valiant need to now compete with Knightwick as they are no longer in a platform sharing agreement.

Regulations for the rhd variant of the car that are different to federal regulations

  • Emissions regulations basically don’t exist so feel free to use 98RON leaded petrol as four star was the fuel to use in the 80’s
  • headlamps are allowed to be any shape and with covers so you can either keep the same look as the usdm variant of the car or try a different European front end.
  • Front and rear indicators must be orange and there should be repeaters that are visible from the side of the vehicle.
  • some kind of white parking lights must be on the front of the car, either designed by the indicators or built into the headlamp as a separate bulb
  • At least one fog lamp has to be on the rear of the vehicle.



Submission rules

  • Create 2 cars. one usa spec and one uk spec.
  • One must be the copy of the trim so they appear under the same family.
  • The same engine family must be used on both but again the engines need to be different variants and can be different sizes if required.
  • bear in mind a sub-compact in America is more of a small family car in the UK so they do target slightly different markets.

Opening time

midday 05/08/2020 until midday GMT 26/08/2020

Countdown here

If any of the rules seem suspect or any other problems let me know


can we enter this as say a different company proposing an idea to Valiant motors… like in Codename Indistinct II sort of arrangement? for potential lore purposes.

Edit :
@mart1n2005 what do we call the model? as in the model name


I didn’t really think of this but i guess it would work, plus if your car is already American or British it’s half the work done.


Kyung-Yeong Seobeom (UKDM & USDM) '83

The Kyung-Yeong Seobeom, marketed as the Valiant Efinity in the UK & USA was a showcase of budget compact with style. Having a reliable fuel injected 1.6L inline 4 engine with 72hp, room for the family, a large boot for all the shopping, it made quite the impact to the market around the world.


This was supposed to end yesterday but with only the one entry I can extend it a week in the hopes of other people entering. I was hoping this would make a change from the racing livery competitions going on right now


Unashamedly based on the MK3 Trident Enigma, The PTMC Proposal for this contest is a subcompact sized small sporty sedan with a premium interoir


1983 Valiant Squid

In the US, it was offered exclusively as a 3 door hatch, but in the UK both a 3 door hatch and a 5 door estate were offered. Both came with a 1.6 liter TBEFI flat 4, and could have either a 4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic. US models were generally basic, but UK models had a wider range of trim levels and interior options to choose from.


TB Corporation submit this bid for joint development of a new global compact for '83, specifically mass-market sedan and fastback variants.
We aimed for a more conservative yet modern approach for the Valiants while keeping parts commonality high. Pre-production units are en route.

Our engineers see potential in the K30, but we propose a fresh 4-cylinder SOHC 3-valve engine series tuned for modest performance and consumption. Scales well from 110cid to 1.3l for tax-burdened markets. Kiss finicky carbs goodbye with EFInity.


17 ISH hours left for this if anyone else is interested


UK car brand Midlands has a proposal for Valiant: we help you develop the next generation of your Efinity model, and you help us with getting a better electrics supplier and a small foothold in the american market.

The platform they propose this alliance to be on would be based off of their subcompact 2-door sport saloon: the Exige Turbo R(as pictured on the right)

They’ve gone through the motions of creating a fully functional prototype for the sport version of the mkII generation of the Efinity, The Efinity RS (as pictured on the left). Both the Efinity and the Exige share the same base 2.3 liter turbo i4 engine (the Exige has slightly better internals to deal with running on leaded fuel), though the Efinity has lost 3 hp, down from 153, from the restrictive US emissions equipment it’s forced to run, as well as 6 mpg. However, Midlands has tried to even out this issue by making the interior and suspension a bit more plush than the Exige, more appropriate for american expectations. They’ve also tried to carry the grill and wheel designs from the original Efinity up to the mkII, making the parts easily interchangeable with their own car, thus cutting down on overall manufacturing costs. This allows the final product on both sides to sell for only $8676 (20k in automation money), which is roughly the same as a Ford tempo of the same year, which the Efinity RS and Exige Turbo R easily beat in quality.

Midlands hopes that this will be an excellent future partnership.

1983 Efinity mkII RS

1983 Midlands Exige Turbo R

.car Files

Here’s the .car files of both vehicles. They aren’t in the same family due to following the naming conventions from the first Codename indistinct. I’m sorry if that causes any confusion.
Valiant_-Portalkat-_Efinity_MKII_RS.car (107.5 KB)

Midlands_-Portalkat-_Exige_Turbo_R.car (102.0 KB)