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Codename Indistinct IV (Open Sep 25th)


This has now ended, with only 4 entries i shouldnt take too long to get it all sorted…


dumb question, but with mine aren’t there 5 entries?


aaany updates?


… and finally after far too long

Codename Indistinct III Results

Fifth place : Efinity RS and Exige Turbo R


I will start out by saying i really like the design of these 2 cars and the differences between the UK and US models manages to make them differentiated while still being the same basic car underneath.
Sadly some strange engineering choice have ended up making this the second most expensive car and they have the highest service costs by some distance. Driveability is the lowest by almost half.

Just for reference for future challenges some of the choices were very strange for this type of car. Sports tyres shouldn’t be used, hard long life is best.
a cooling level of 9 is far too low.
geared lsd is far too sporty.
67 brake pad type is pretty much race brakes.
A fully forged internal engine and dohc is unrealistic.
I would call out the power steering and mpefi but it seems everyone else has used those too.

maybe transferring the looks of this car onto a larger wheelbase variant and working around that for a slightly different market would work better.

Fourth place: Valiant Efinity mk2


Another car with a fully forged engine, this time all aluminium and dohc makes this somewhat unrealistic. Weirdly the USA engine is all cast internals instead, making all of the components twice out of different materials would be somewhat expensive.
This is the most expensive duo of cars entered with the second most expensive service costs. A fully premium interior and 4 wheel disc brakes is unrequired at this market level.
Driveability is pretty high considering the rwd and manual gearboxes used, this is rather impressive.

Third place: Seobeom


A very nice and modern looking pair of hatchbacks with the lowest purchase price and very competitive service costs. The body is probably a bit on the modern side for 1983 but the overall look is a good one.
The comfort is the lowest available no doubt owing to the 5 seat standard interior and basic stereo. This does leave the car nice and light however giving it the best fuel economy and the safety rating is pretty reasonable for such a small car.

Second place: Valiant Squid


This was one of only 2 of the entries to offer a different body style for the 2 different markets. Overall the setup for the cars was quite different which i appreciate. The USA spec Squid is a small 3 door hatchback with a 4 seat standard interior, drum brakes all round a 3 speed auto gearbox. The UK variant has front discs, a 4 speed auto and premium 5 seat interior. The flat 4 engine is an interesting choice not taken up by anyone else.
The driveability and comfort are the highest here with a quite reasonable purchase price, fuel economy is the worst however.

First Place: Efinity 1.8GN/Efinity 1.5GF


These cars offer a compelling overall package, while not excelling at any one area with everything combined it’s hard to overlook. The design is probably the weakest point but it’s certainly not offensive in any way. Just certain areas could be improved and cleaned up.
The purchase price and service are low but the comfort and safety are competitive. A standard 5 seat interior is offered on both the UK and USA cars. Engineering wise everything is reasonable and there are no strange choices. I appreciate the different body designs with the USA version being a 4 door sedan and the UK one a more standard for the market 5 door hatch.

Thanks for everyone who entered and sorry it took so long to get the results out, just had to spend more time than i wanted working on my real car which kinda took the go out of me setting down and finishing this off.


Lol. I guess I misinterpreted the market the cars were intended to hit by quite a bit. I went for the baby sports saloon type thing. I also know I am trash at tuning cars for automation stats. Thanks for the feedback though. This was a pretty fun challenge. X3


Whoa I won! A close race I’d say judging from pics.
Does this mean I get to host the next one? I got some ideas, but need to make up some “lore stuff” for any of it to make sense I guess.

As for improvements, I noticed now the rear bumper, lighting, tearing and odd proportions on the sedan (stretching out the morph a bit does wonders) could do with a makeover, good thing you didn’t see the missing left rear door on the hatch though (body issue) :thinking:

To celebrate, our engineers unveil their Efinity KV30 V6 side project, here pictured with platform bros Toyhatsu Tony and Batz Bangkok (STC schporty turbo coupe)
[hide=Team Swoopy C-pillars]

What am I doing wrong with the hide stuff anyway?


Yep! Since you won, you can host the next one, since I think winner of round 2 is still busy. Hopefully you can get something done up soon!


Codename Indistinct IV Electric Car Edition - Make your Move!?!
Yes, since this a design challenge why not make cars with Pretend Engines

Let’s go back to 2010
Electric cars are still a pipe dream, with a few exceptions; all of which suck in at least one way - two-seaters, no range, no power, expensive, ugly. Only for those with lots of green in their pockets…or their hearts.
But Change is coming. Rising environmental concerns, tightening government legislation, and the search for new niches to fill, lead the auto industry into developing actual viable EVs. New players are also entering the stage.
These pioneering vehicles will become icons defining the future, in a way not seen for decades.
Or not. Nobody knows…yet.

Letter from Client’s representative
Excess legalese omitted
We represent a consortium of major players in the automotive industry, who for the time being prefer discretion. Our aim is to bring to market an electric compact family car by 2012.
Unfortunately our in-house design team has been a disaster the last few years, so we outsourcing exterior design. Drivetrain development is exceeding expectations, and according to our numbers we will outrange the Leaflet and undercut the Tesseract S pricewise by a significant margin.

Your task:
To design and develop a prototype electric car, for a new brand. Design is paramount; we will handle the drivetrain. It needs to be compact, affordable and family friendly, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.
If you represent a manufacturer, a joint venture proposal will be considered.
Sub-tasks (Completely optional): Provide a better model name than “V”.

The Brand
Our project name is ELLA, a traditional woman’s name, alluding to electricity.
Logo is put together from two vanilla badges, some scaling and fiddling required (sorry)

To consider your proposal, the following rules must be followed:

Fuel economy doesn’t matter. Death to Gas Drinkers
Maximum quality sliders is from -1 to +2

Model and Trim year 2012
Car length <=4.2m
Must have at least 4 doors
Hatchback body style strongly preferred
No ladder chassis, carbon, plain steel, or live axles

Advanced automatic gearbox
Engine Variant year 2012
A top speed of 180 km/h must be attainable for testing purposes
The rest doesn’t matter, but keep Criteria #3 in mind

No steelies
Tire size must end with a “5” example 185

Interior & Steering
4 seats required, 5 seats preferred
Standard or premium interior
Electric power steering (variable optional)
Advanced 00s or 10s

General Trim
All main trim stats except Offroad >0
Soft price limit 40.000
No racing or limited production parts

Design Rules
A charging port must be present. Discrete or obvious, your choice.
EU and/or US rules for lightning, licence plates, wipers, protruding objects etc to be followed.
ELLA Badge must be present front and rear see above

Judging criteria by priority
#1 Design appeal
A - Do I fancy it, at first and second glance? OK, I’m known to be half-blind, but this is what a design challenge comes down to, eh?
B - Uniqueness - does it stand out, as the Car of the Future? Quirks, charm, a human appeal also welcome.
C - Would it appeal to wide market of buyers? Quirky is good, but may scare off buyers.
D - Consistency and flow
B & C may be conflicting, but this is true even IRL. Ultimately, do it your way

#2 Realism & Execution
A - Does it look like something that could feasibly be built in 2012, at a reasonable price? Obviously a wide mark considering what was on sale then, but don’t overdo it with LEDs, open wheels etc.
B - Aerodynamics - an EV needs to be slippery (-lookin’, I will judge this subjectively)
C - Attention to detail - Lighting, fixture scaling,
D - Is it well put together? No tears and lumpiness preferred.

#3 Platform suitability
As a tie-breaker - probably won’t be necessary so feel free to ignore at your peril…
A - Drivability, Comfort, Practicality and Reliabilty scores.
B - Realistic part choices.

Submission guidelines
Model name: Indistinct4 - (your forum user name)
Trim name: ELLA V (+ anything you’d like to add)
Engine name: Your engine’s name
Engine trim name: Your engine’s trim

One entry per person

Submissions now open at 12:00am GMT September 25th 2020
Deadline is now at 18:00 pm GMT, October 13th 2020.

PM me the car file before this time. Also be aware of your GMT/local time difference
Important Note: No re submissions allowed - so please make sure that your entry meets all requirements before submitting.

Post a picture/s of your submitted car on this thread.
Feel free to add background, flair, obscure references and ads if you like

I am using public v4.24.
All mods are allowed.

Have fun and I wish you Great Success!

Inspirational Vehicles

After-Opening Meta stuff
Since I’ll be gone for the weekend anyway, I pushed the deadline off three days,
Deadline is now at 18:00 pm GMT, October 13th 2020.


can we submit some variants of the car we made, like the MPV Variant, Hatchback Variant, Van Variant, etc?


You’ll have to choose one to submit, adhering closest to chassis rules. The others would be part of the presentation, showing off your mad skills and flexible platform.

I thought about adding a “possible variants” to #3 Platform suitability, taking this into account.
But this a) would restrict body styles, b) possibly lose focus, c) doesn’t seem to happen IRL except to show off how “adaptable” the various skateboard style platforms are, with only the lowest-common-denominator hatchback (and/or SUV, which doesn’t translate too well into the game) making it to production.
Ackshually this would be nice to add but too late now I guess :thinking:
If you’re the only contestant in the end I’ll allow multiple proposals though


haha true, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


has it opened yet?? well this is mine

2012 ELLE V E-Power by GMD
“as an electric car still in doubts of many people minds, we made it to look like an ordinary futuristic styled car, to encourage people that this is also a normal car and there is no need to fear to buy this car” - chief of GMD design

the car have an 200 HP electric power motor capable of theoretically 238 KM/H, the design goes by the latest future design by GMD with the usage of LED Lights to save power, and to boost futuristic design, we gave it continuous style side windows by blacking out part of the C-Pillar to make it, the design directly derived out of our concept cars

the car