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Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories


This page is here frankly to showcase any builds I do that involves the Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories brand.
However, because of the Nature of the Company, My DMs are open for anyone wanting a Comet-Bar on a Vehicle, or a Full-Blown Off-road conversion, all depending on the nature of the Vehicle.

Guide for Comet-Bar Bullbar fitout

  • Workman, Base-level bar, doesn’t come with Winchcradle or Auxillary lights.
  • Stockman, Regular bar, Comes with Auxillary Lights, no Winchcradle.
  • Signature, Top-level Bar, Auxillary Lights and Winchcradle.
  • Bushman, For Utes, Big 'ol Unit.

Comet-Bar Styles:

  • Stepford Upper and Lower
  • Dalesford Upper and Lower
  • Dalesford Minor Upper and Lower
  • Flat Upper and Lower
  • Conforming Upper [Appilicable on few vehicles]

Comet-bar Addons:

  • Hoopless bar,
  • Centre hoop only
  • U Hook recovery point
  • Shackle recovery point
  • Auxillary lights Basic [I default to this one]
  • Auxillary lights Circle
  • C H R O M E
  • Brushed Steel
  • Comet-Bar Powered coated black. [I default to this one]
  • Antennae on Bar.
  • Spotlights Round or Square.
  • Light Bar, embedded or just on.

Other Comet-Bar options:

  • Sidesteps
  • Sidesteps and Siderail.
  • Rear-end Chop Tray conversion.
  • Rear bash bar.
  • Rear Bash bar and Auxillary points.
  • Roof rack.
  • Snorkle
  • The full Hog. Must have well-styled Vehicle.

Car Company Directory

First up… a build seen before

Comet-Bar RiftVhaun

Known for being First to show up to and Winning TMCC4: Futuristic Off-roaders.

Housing a Custom Workman-Bar does not have Auxillary lights in it… and frankly Headlights-Auxillary lights eh… Mind you Custom Everything else on an MT750 Chassis, also a modified Dump Truck Trailer… turned into a Flat-bed with Crane. A Proper full-blown workout and design study for the guys in Manufacturing and Design.
I think the show got a proper amount of work out of the Interior of that thing…


2011 Marksman Sabre JSA Utility - Chassis Cab Revert

An Example of a Vehicle Fitted with a Comet-Bar Bushman-Bar, as well as a Workman-Tray.
Marksman Sabre Utility Chassis-Cab, with extra modifications.
Seen here: Racing Showdown Advanced [RSA]

Vehicle was originally a Style Side. seen in SSC The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


A one-ton ute turned hot rod? Sounds cool to me… mostly because it is.


1990 Shuriken K80 Masakari

Equiped with a Stockman Bar, Bushman Tray Camper and Star-Reacher Snorkel.

I may revise the camper when we have more parts that seat in a bit, Body limitations and such are a small pain to work with.

Anyways, a Continuation of the Masakari from CSR119 CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


Kuma KO V8 EXT


So… my first official ‘commission’, Was given this truck and given the Prompt
“Probably something more just to make it look more aggressive, but still look a bit like a work truck”

Well, I’ve done that, and fixed up the tuning… Because erm… Multilink and Light Truck Mono?

Anyways, We slapped on a Workman Bar


Charge Unit


Second Comunity truck… to be done up by Comet-Bar.
Given the Prompt “It was said to be a good offroader. I belive it would benefit from a bit of an engine upgrade and possibly some visual stuff too, like a lift kit and some offroad bumpers”

Yeah… the engine upgrade we did, We swapped in a Marksman 4 Litre Inline 6 in lew of the 60 degrees V8…
Also did the lift kit… after we did some ‘chassis tuning’
Please refer to the file name of the image supplied if you want to send an Off-roader to Comet-Bar for a do up.
We will decline to do the job from now on if certain decisions are made.
Anyways… as for the “off-road bumpers”. as you didn’t specify very much… this truck is equipped with a bottom of the shelf Workman Front and Rear Bar, with a Tonneau cover as well… and that’s about it.


Oh look, another Comet-Bar Victory.


Seen here


A quick build… but also an experimental.

1970-1976 Marksman TB Sabre Utility, 352 Eptitude ‘GT’

We say… canonically… this is the Original Comet-Bar. a bit patchy… but did the job.

June 3rd 1971
Reginald Kelly after a mild pranging of his new '71 Sabre Ute on a Kangaroo decided to weld up a new bumper for his Ute, Bigger, Better! His first drive was on a dust patch it’s Australia… might be a bit of an understatement calling it a patch, in which he saw a comet…

Eventually, he started a shop in Emu Plains, the same site is used as Comet-Bar HQ in current times, The Original car is stored at HQ, on display. we have no idea how much it’s worth but it is Comet-Bar history.