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Community Car drawings


I’d actually like it to be a bonneted truck, so the engine is kept at the front, and the cab is set behind the front wheels.


Well… I’ve already started to draw it as a flat front…

And the engine will not be a truck’s one, it’s waaay smaller.


No DC16? :sob:


Why some drawings are in Spanish?


Not spanish. Brazilian portuguese, my native language.





Here’s the Scania. It’s a short cab, sectioned and chanelled onto a short custom chassis. The engine is a forged Mercedes turbo diesel sourced from the automotive lineup, connected to a hidraulic pump sending pressure to the rear wheel mounted hidraulic motor and to a sleeve in each coil-over to control the suspension height. The missiles on the sides are the hidraulic fluid reservoir and the fuel tank. The rear wheel can be steered for ease of parking though another hidraulic sleeve inside the rear arm, positioning the rod in the rear tractor sourced knucle. I told you it would be wild.


Why though. One does not simply swap a Scania engine.

Scania […]
Mercedes turbo diesel sourced from the automotive lineup

And what the hell is a forged engine.


Relax man, this scania is as real as the cars we design in automation. Also, i’ve meant forged internals.


I was organizing some old papers and found this. I printed the side profile of a Brasilia’s blueprint and sketched over it. The first one is a bunch of acessories for a ralli event.


made by me


Time to put some new life into this thread?

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