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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Original Car Link: Kinusoka - Excentra.car (119.5 KB)

Original Author: @Centurion_23

New Variant: 2020 Excentra “Facelift”

What Change?
Front & Rear Bumper- Headlight & Tailight Redesigned. New Rims. Added a Curved roof Brought up the performance a bit.

Kinusoka - Excentra Facelift.car (92.5 KB)

Enjoy :v::grin:



Voltan Automotive has a proposal for you.

Voltan are looking to attend a SEMA show with a modified version of their 2017 Roundabout RS sport sedan, and need a tuning house to partner with for this purpose.

Modified engine, Bodykit, and new wheels.

Voltan are happy to provide a car for the tuning house to develop on.

Voltan_Roundabout_-_RS.car (60.4 KB)

Plesae post your designs here for consideration.


Hello everyone, this is the first car that my little brother made. He would like you to redesign and a re-enigeer it. Thank you in advance!

kaas_-_mk1.car (25.6 KB)


You seem to have forgotten the .car file for it, as required by the rules of this thread - I can’t find a download link for it anywhere.


It’s fixed now


Kaas Automotive

Here is the 2005 re-version of the Kaas Mk1, the Mk2 - Juno. It has a reworked version of the Twin-Turbo V10, which has been downsized to 7.5L, now with 1,672BHP. It now has a top speed of 275MPH.

@TheAlmightyTwingo I hope your little brother likes the redesign.

Kaas Automotive, Mk2 - Juno: Kaas_Automotive_-Mk2-_Juno.car (29.4 KB)


Im kinda doing this to bump this thread, cause i love that idea and etc
but im not creative enough right now to redesign any car here, so i will post three of my first cars that i think that have some potential to be redesign
will love to see what people can make with it
happy new year to you all
btw you will see something like wheels pretty wtf, its because this cars are old
95 Alfora Infernus

Alfora_Infernus_-_Lilithn_t_version_pls_strop_note_me.car (32.6 KB)
83’ Alfora Bulb

Alfora_Bulb_-common.car (30.0 KB)

82’ Alfora Toro

Alfora_Toro_-_Coupe.car (37.5 KB)


Hakumai_Schnell_D4__-_1_8T.car (33.4 KB)

Feel free to redesign this, i prolly want to see the results you guys make with it (This might be Gen 1 (car shown)


@Arvok1 's 1983 Alfora Boob Bulb

I’m terrible at drivetrains and all that, but the engine came out fairly good.

I went for a more baseline eco box sort of car while keeping a semi-schport look. Hope you enjoy!

Alfora_Bulb_-_A_trim_name.car (51.5 KB)


man, its definitively nice! it translates in a perfect way how Bulb should be and seems like a perfect ecoshitbox, thanks for that. Im really in love with that redesign.


Thank you! Ever since I got out of my annoying self centered phase I’ve really started improving. Although drivetrains, brakes etc are still a bit hard for me, I sill feel like I’ve gotten a lot better, and the engine was based off the 79 Civic btw. I couldn’t find 83 specs.


Will anyone ever edit my cars?

Hakumai Raider - Trim 160.car (107.4 KB)


i was going to edit the other car you posted here, but i had some problems and it will prolly take time to be ready


I got you fam. :wink::+1:
by the time i get done with my other stuff, Ill get started




Hakumai Raider by Arn38fr

Original car link: Hakumai Raider - Trim 160.car (107.4 KB)

Original Autor: @interior

What change ?
Front & rear bumpers, Headlight & Tailight Redesigned. New rims, doorhandles and mirors. New engine too : a 2,5 liter V6.

Hakumai_Raider_-_180g_vert_noir.car (82.8 KB)


I Like it so far!


Avantii Servega Drag modified by @EnCR

Avantii_Servega_-_Drag_Modified.car (59.2 KB)


1974 Automóviles Hispánicos Bloosear - Porro

Porro_-_GE50M.car (103.2 KB)
You can do anything with it, but please, do not change the drivetrain/engine placement. Said this, you can change the engine if you want, gearbox, anything! Have fun with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hessenburg_F-Series_-_F3000GTi-R_Izer-Design_Coupe.car (46.3 KB)

Design Studio of Izer presents redesigned final edition of F-series. Despite same name, should be treated more as the transition between current and next generation. Izer designs used its experience and redesigned chasis construction, tweaked engine for more fuel economy with 95RON fuel (standard for all over Europe/Fruinia) and cut production costs. Interior has been simplified to improve quality and many fancy stuff had been replaced with more common and cheaper to maintance parts (like magnesium wheels has been replaced with two-tone styled alloys).