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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Here ya go! The tiny 2002 Space Marzia
Have fun I guess? Mainly needs a re-design but also could use some re-engineering, but you can do whatever with it.
space___marzia.car (30.7 KB)


Tanaka Motors needs you!

That’s right we need you! We are currently offering designers to do a facelift on our 4th Generation Tanaka Aventis.

This generation has been in production from 1987. However, we need to make the car more competitive after all these years. Therefore, we need a facelift in 1991. You are to facelift the car’s appearance for 1991. Don’t worry, we can handle the rest. Just improve the car’s appearance and also add more details. Don’t make it too drastic though…

Car file: Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.8 B.car (41.7 KB)
Just clone the car and set the trim year to 1991. Other than that, you are free to facelift the car! Thanks…


I didn’t realize it wasn’t the original car right away, but when I saw it I thought it would be a fun aesthetic to play with and this is what I came up with for the rear.


@On3CherryShake shit sorry. I do apologise for not mentioning you… whoops.


Wow, maybe we should try to redesign redesigns more often!


Enjoyed this one.

Di Inferi Ozen
Original Author - @Metric-Miura
Original Car - Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe.car (43.3 KB)

New - Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe Clone.car (60.1 KB)


2014 Ursula F3 300T (Carol’s Daily, and when I said Carol I meant the same person from Drivers.com)

This is a 2014 Ursula F3 300T and I have a request to make it look and perform better.

And no, Ursula AG isn’t trying to redesign the car again since the next gen F3 is already a thing, this is actually the same Ursula F3 300T that the Drivers.com’s main editor Carol Lee drives. So that means, it’s Carol herself wants some upgrades to refresh her daily driver.

Her requests for the car are:

  1. A more aggressive body kit for the car. Not “I am a mutherforking ricer” type but the “sleepy yet not so muted” kind. Like the Audi B8 S4 or the E90 M3.

  2. Maybe change some larger wheels and much sleeker headlights too.

  3. Keep the 4 cylinder but make it more powerful (say 250 hp) and possibly more economical.

F3 - 300T.car (41.4 KB)

Well, do your best, since she isn’t willing to see her daily driver looks like crap.



Original Car Link (the original .car file): Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.8 B.car (41.7 KB)

Car Name : Tanaka Avantis
Author : Aaron.W
Desc : Remade the headlights, bumpers, side mirrors, taillitghts and rear window. I’m pretty happy with what I did, I managed to stay calm and relaxed and the car looks like a regular car.
The link to it : Tanaka Aventis (5th Gen) - 1.8 B 1991 Spander.car (56.0 KB)


Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) Facelift
Original Author: Aaron.W
Original .car: Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.8 B.car (41.7 KB)
New .car: Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.8 B FC.car (54.4 KB)

What i have done: I remade the rear light setup, i added some details to the side trim, i swapped the headlights and the grille(s), added small foglights, used new rims and some more modern fixtures on some parts of the car.

Tanaka Heavy Industries (田中重工業) | Tanaka Motors | (2005-2010 6th Generation Tanaka Aventus)

New day, new car!

PAZ O-64 1.1
The O-64 is going to be in production for mostly military use between 1946-1972.
The O-64 is going to have one facelift in its production run, the 1960 facelift. I need you to create a Design facelift for 1960. (and an engineering facelift if you want to)

only requirements are that this car shouldn’t be much more expensive, and it has to have some resemblance with the pre- facelift model.

The .car file: PAZ O-64 - 1.1.car (45.3 KB)

Have fun!


Three Parter here we goooooooo.

Sorry for the Spam, this is too fun.

Original Car Link (the original .car file): Here
Author: @SpeedLife1
Car Name (the original car name): Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0
Author (of the redesigned car) : @Vri404
Desc (optional) : I wanted to make a bodykit, so here we are.
New Trim / Variant Name (optional): KURASHIKI DESIGN 2.0KIT

Reizei Oxygen - KURASHIKI DESIGN 2.0KIT.car (69.3 KB)

Original Car Link (the original .car file): Here
Author: @Aaron.W
Car Name (the original car name): Tanaka Aventis 1.8B
Author (of the redesigned car) : @Vri404
Desc (optional) : DRIFT TIME BOIZ. Wanted to “Ruin” the Aventis. Shame it’s transverse or a 4.0 TT V8 would’ve made it’s way into the front.
New Trim / Variant Name (optional): Club Soda 2.0 Track

Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - Club Soda 2.0 Track.car (42.7 KB)

Original Car Link (the original .car file): Here
Author: @Metric-Miura
Car Name (the original car name): Di Inferi Ozen
Author (of the redesigned car) : @Vri404
Desc (optional) : All I did was change up the headlights to make it a bit more Modern, while bringing through the original connected look.

Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe Clone.car (49.6 KB)


Original Car Link (the original .car file): F3 - 300T.car (41.4 KB)

Car Name : 2014 Ursula F3 300T
Author : BannedByAndroid
Desc : Mild sideskirt, opened up front air intakes with visible radiator, fenders have been flaired. Wheel tread is wider front and back with 19" diameter, bigger front brakes fitted and brake ventilation built in to the fender and rear bumper. Low boot spoiler fitted, carbon fibre mirror casing, bonnet bump and vents. (Not all mods made it across, some may be missing accidentally.)

Engine has been brought up to 254hp running marginally more economical on 98 octane.
The link to it : F3 - 300T-R.car (44.8 KB)


If you want it to not overwrite, just clone it


Boom, fixed, thanks.


Carol, you have been blessed! Come and take a look at your car…

Original Car Link (the original .car file): F3 - 300T.car (41.4 KB)
Car Name (the original car name): Ursula F3 300T
Author (of the redesigned car): @BannedByAndroid
Desc (optional): Front end conversion, rolled fenders (slighly wider) and full body kit by Kento Works Body Kit with Harte Max Lowering Springs, carbon fibre mirrors, 19-inch BPS Nexo rims and engine tuned by KG Motorsport (ECU reflashed to have more boost, slightly more aggressive VVL Profile and KG Motorsport Sport Exhaust System with twin carbon fibre tips). Engine now produces 252HP and 279lb-ft of torque.
New Trim / Variant Name: F3 - 300T (Tuned).car (48.2 KB)



It’s fine don’t worry :joy: just wanted to mention it, not to big of a deal :))


That is super clean. I want one too! :smile:


Here’s the 1965 Warren Belleisle LS.
This car is now about 5 months old and I want to see people improve on this design and add things I didn’t think in the first place!
Have fun with it. Keep it a Warren and try to keep it period correct. The main Warren design cue is the split grille.
Apart from that, no restrictions :smiley:

Warren - Belleisle Sedan.car (95.5 KB)


Original Car Link (the original .car file): PAZ O-64 - 1.1.car (45.3 KB)
Car Name : PAZ O-64 1.1
Author : Mad Cat
Desc : A very Down to earth redesign, nothing crazy. It’s not like the body and the theme allows anything very special. And I forgot the front license plate…
The link to it : PAZ O-64 - 1.1 1960.car (57.9 KB)

Thought I may as well have an Arion here for all to modify and change. It'd be interesting to see this redone entirely visually and mechanically! Have fun!

Arion Magnus Sport '99

Arion - Magnus Sport '99.car (82.7 KB)