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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Original Car Link: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name (original): Huangdou CC Au
Car Name (post-modified): Huangdou CC “VT5” by Vector Tuning
Vector Tuning
Author (original car): @yangx2
Author (modifier of the said car): Me

Tuning Summary

Stock engine replaced with Vector-tuned Halifax VT5 DOHC-20 2.8 5-cylinder engine generating 468 hp @ 7700 RPM and 476 Nm @ 6200 RPM
7-speed DCT
Front, Side and rear modified with aero parts and wider wheel arches
Lowered sports suspension with semi-active dampers and active swaybars
Geared LSD with rear-biased AWD
20" low-profile magnesium rims in copper
Carbon-ceramic brakes
ECU upgrades and launch control
Top speed of 293 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds

Huangdou CC - VT5 Vector Tuning.car (93.8 KB)

(I planned to put a pushrod V8 but the transverse engine layout stopped me from doing that)


Original Car Link (the original .car file): http://d3hrnetf5izp16.cloudfront.net/original/4X/e/a/f/eaf640e172c5b106e0039f5bbee172511348753c.car
Car Name (the original car name): Di Infery Ozen Coupe
Author (of the redesigned car) : Myself, MichaelMotorcycl

Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe.car (38.2 KB)


Original Car Link: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name (original): 1965 PAZ Simushir 1500S Wagon
Car Name (post-modified): 1982 PAZ Simushir 1500S Wagon (FL2)
Author (original car): @Mad_Cat
Author (modifier of the said car): Me


Revised car design
Revised headlamps and taillamps
Double side mirrors instead of the older single ones
New rims and wider tires
Plastic parts instead of chromed parts
Improved engine with MPI and catalytic converters

PAZ Simushir - 1500S Wagon (FL2).car (45.9 KB)


Original Car Link (the original .car file): Voltan Switchback - Mk2.car (72.8 KB)

Author: @TheTechnoVampire
Car Name (the original car name): Voltan Switchback Mk2
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : I wanted to make a more modern Facelift with a Few Simple Tweaks around the Edges and a Engine Swap
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Voltan Switchback Mk300


original car by: @Aaron.W Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.8 B.car (41.7 KB)

redesign by: @kobacrashi Tanaka Aventis (4th Gen) - 1.9 B.car (49.1 KB)

Car name: Tanaka Aventis
Description: Redid the back, added some details elsewhere, altered the colouring of the car… oh, and i gave you a new 1.9 litre V6 because why the hell not lol.


Go for it! USDM Japanese midsize sedan… make the next model!

Excited to see what y’all have on offer :))

Hokuto Levara (LX50) - CLE (55).car (126.2 KB)


1992 Chupacabra Burrito

I originally made this for a cancelled CSR, and then messed around with it to try and make it into a GMC Typhoon-esque SUV. Redesign it in any way you want, down to the morphs.

CSR 111 Rise Comics - Burrito.car (24.8 KB)


I don’t know if you like idea, but if you’re ok with it I have something cool for my lore.
I was unable to make it better (only different) and therefore tried out some badge-engineering.


Smith&Hughes, an english traditional brand, had to declare bankruptcy in 1995. The japanese brand Umakicho bought the company, as “UMAKICHO” sounds rather than “Bless You” than a brand for nice sedans.
The purchase of the Wagner brand gave them sports car credibility, but CMT ruined the name with boring cars like the Wagner 200-series for sedans already before Umakicho completely akquired it.

As the ultra-value-for-money midsize Umakicho Sensei was too simple to serve as platform and the Wagner 200 series too old, the company looked for help in their Japanese home marked and asked Hokuto for the platform of the brand new Levara.

Smith&Hughes Leviathan 1.8 Essential Line available for $ 22.300


Kitsune RA1S - Akagi.car (55.8 KB)

lets see y’all do better


Original Car Link (the original .car file): CSR 111 Rise Comics - Burrito.car (24.8 KB)
Car Name : 1992 Chupacabra Burrito
Author : Rise_Comics

Modded car: Chupacabra - Spicy Burrito.car (33.5 KB)


2019 Atlas Omega V

thinking maybe some aftermarket support for this high performance SUV that I designed. Its a bit older in terms of design, I’m going though some remodels right now for the other vehicles in the line up. The omega was going to be updated a bit hopefully with the next patch but it appears a little distant.

File: Omega(SUV) - V.car (45.3 KB)


I think you have forgotten to include a .car file in your post - it’s mandatory for anyone who wants to redesign it.


Original Car Link (the original .car file): Newman - New CK-R.car (46.8 KB)

Author: @Maxbombe
Car Name (the original car name): Newman CK-R
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : I wanted to make a more modern Facelift with a Few Simple Tweaks around the Edges
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Newman CK-S by Micz


Except, that is the modified car.


It was a boring family car. Then someone modded it to beat sports sedans. Now it’s an exciting family sports car.

Original Car Link: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name (original): 1998 Hokuto Levara (LX50) CLE
Car Name (post-modified): 1999 Hokuto Levara (LX50) TS226
Author (original car): @On3CherryShake
Author (modifier of the said car): Me

Tuning Summary

Original engine replaced with F20V TS-1 2.0 inline-4 DOHC engine with 226 hp @ 8600 RPM and 221 Nm @ 6600 RPM
Sportier body kit and larger exhausts
New 17" sports rims and tires
6-speed manual transmission and geared LSD
New sports brakes
Suspension upgrades and lower ride height
Variable hydraulic steering
0-100 km/h in 6 seconds and top speed limited to 250 km/h

Hokuto Levara (LX50) - TS226.car (122.9 KB)


2002 Kepler Antares

You know the drill, redesign this and put your own spin on it.

kepler_antares___sport.car (45.0 KB)


No, it can also be shared via DMs with the person interested in redesigning it


Original Car Link (the original .car file): Silver-York - 2019 design prototype 5.car (128.0 KB)

Author: @ProfessorP3PP3R @On3CherryShake
Car Name (the original car name): Silver-York - 2019 design prototype 5
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : I wanted to make a more Preformance oriented Facelift with a Few Simple Tweaks And Extremely Lively 640hp Pushrod V8
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Project Sliverwing

Silver-York - Project Silver Wing .car (166.4 KB)


Here comes round 2!

1997 Ursula R1 700

The R1 GT is Ursula’s first GT ever produced. Launched in 1992 and built until 1998, the car was one of the major forces of the market in the 90s, and it was designed to compete in the high-end GT market at that time. Initially the grand tourer was offered in several engines including a 270 PS 3.6 inline-6, 330 PS 4.8 liter V8 and later, a turbocharged 4.5 liter V8 that produced a whopping 400 PS.

In 1996 Ursula have finally released a new facelift model of the R1. Both the 6 cylinder and the turbo V8 was scrapped in favor of an 460 PS 5.5 liter V12 model, and the new V12, designated as the R1 700, is positioned as the new top-level model of the R1. A small wing was fitted to differentiate against it’s lower-end models.

Thanks to it’s immense power and standard AWD, the car could accelerate to 100 km/h from standstill in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 299 km/h, even beating supercars of that era. Unlike the lower-end models the R1 700 has ESC as an option for more traction control. Despite its capabilities, the R1 700’s launch was unfortunately met with the Asian financial crisis and was therefore halted production after a year and only 1,200 units of the R1 700 were sold in total.

History aside, the car is free to everyone to modify at your own will, whether you want it to be a Le Mans race car, posh luxury cruiser or a mad offroader with an turboed V16. Just don’t make it too crazy enough that even an alien spaceship could mistook it as one of theirs.

R1 - 700.car (47.0 KB)



Zephorus Allez
Some parts of this design is ok, others could be improved. Lets see what you got!
I noticed that there wasn’t many “classic” designs on here, and I know some people really dig that stuff so have a go at this :slight_smile:
Do whatever, I’d prefer that you left the engine but you can change it if you want, mainly interested in design again.

Car - Zephorus - Allez.car (57.9 KB)