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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Original Car Link: Morton Gazelle - 3.0 Sport.car (32.7 KB)

Car Name : 2018 Morton Gazelle 3.0 Sport
Author : @abg7

Modded car: Honghu-Morton Gazelle - 3.0 Sport.car (64.0 KB)

Morton Automotive Developments has retained Honghu Automotive Corporation for aesthetic improvements to the 2018 Morton Gazelle. Improvements include a larger grille, LED fixture redesign and side trim body moulding. Honghu Automotive Corporation hopes such changes are of favour to Morton Automotive Developments.


An excellent take on a hitherto unused design of mine. It looks much more menacing and cutting-edge now. Well done!


In 1994, Mikuni Motors released an update to their ever popular sports car. The 2nd generation Chaser was even better received than it’s original installment, no thanks to its modern and sleek styling and 250hp engine. The new all wheel drive configuration gave it great acceleration and stability, making the Chaser all around a better car to drive on the street and on the track.

Mikuni - Chaser.car (42.2 KB)

This is one of my favorite cars, I like it’s 90s JDM vibes especially. The only thing I’m not completely sold on is the rear; I like the taillights, but the bumper, exhaust, and license plate placing are kinda eh. I have some ideas on how to improve the rear, but I’d like to see what you guys can do with this car in its current state!
(I added some glowy running lights before exporting, lol)


Day #2

Holts HS610

Holts HS610 - HS610.car (53.9 KB)
design how you like!


Here’s uhh…

…the Jinhe Huangdou Classic. It was one of my earliest UE4 vehicles I made and dates back to the time Huangdou didn’t event exist. This was when the Huangdou was actually a crazy cheap Tata-like model under the Jinhe name. Either way, it would be fun to see how y’all will bring it back to life. Enjoy!

Please don’t keep the dual solid axles btw that was a rookie mistake

Jinhe Huangdou Classic - Base.car (23.6 KB)


Original Car Link (the original .car file): Fugitso Leopard - EX Sedan.car (68.6 KB)

Author: @balkanski_brat
Car Name (the original car name):Fugitso Leopard ex coupe
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : He wanted to Me to make a Balls to the wall DTM Car and i obliged
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Fugitso Leopard ex coupe SGT DTM20

Fugitso Leopard - EX Coupe SGT DTM20.car (117.0 KB)



My game says this car is too old to be imported, so no redesign :cry:, sorry @yangx2.


Here is the Spander SP from 1980. You could do a redesign, a special version, or really anything you want about it. Just be sure the car is somewhat recognisable.

Spander - SP 1980.car (65.4 KB)



Guess I’ll find something else then


Here’s pictures of the original car that @micz244 modified, for reference. The .car file of the sedan version (base model automatic) has already been posted by micz, so I’ll also give you guys the base hatchback.

Fugitso Leopard EX Sedan pictures

Fugitso Leopard EX Hatchback pictures

Hatchback’s .car file: Fugitso Leopard - EX Hatch.car (72.2 KB)


This is the 1994/1995 Jin Tori GRX, a Japanese 2L NA Sportscar. I made it after a long break and I’m generally not that good at designing cars, so I’d love to see what more skillful people can do with it.

Download: Jin Tori - GRX.car (26.5 KB)

Meijer Designs (JDM sportscars)

Original Car Post: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name: 1969 Denver King Cobra
Author: @HybridTronny

Modified car: Denver - King Cobra - RPG.car (39.3 KB)

Desc: Improved on the original. More chrome, more HP, more Americana
This is the RPG tune for the King Cobra. I kept all the original design, but improved it with better use of chrome. And a small lip because ASCAR. Also, more realistic tire sizes for the era (but they’re still quite big, mind you for 1969).

RPG tuned King Cobra (4k wooee)

RPG tuned King Cobra

The RPG tuned King Cobra next to the original (again 4k whoa).

RPG Tune Package
400hp (bump from 330hp), cutesy of better heads, cam, and a timing bump
Small details (wipers mainly)
More reasonable tires
Re-sorted suspension
Minimalist RPG badging
Chrome strip down door
5 spoke classic muscle rims
:wink: :+1:


Original Car Link: Jin Tori - GRX.car (26.5 KB)
Author: @TheAlmightyTwingo
Car Name : Jin Tori GRX
Desc : I just had some fun with the design.
New Trim / Variant Name : Spander GRX Concept
The link to the redesign : Jin Tori - Spander GRX Concept.car (43.1 KB)


Original Car:Jin Tori - GRX.car (26.5 KB)
Author: @ThealmightyTwingo
Car Name: 1994 Jin Tori GRX
Desc: facelift and major chassis redesign (which means a V6 engine and rear engine placement) of the Jin Tori GRX beyond Y2K
New Trim / Variant Name: 2000 Jin Tori GRS-2000
link to modified car: Jin Tori - GRS 2000.car (37.9 KB)


Zephorous Allez by BF9

More Pics

Original post
Original Author: @Sky-High

A late 70s take on an eternal legend. The Zephorous Allez BF9 - by BF9

Take her for a rip: Zephorus - Allez - BF9.car (69.8 KB)

Bf94387 Design showcase [2015 Alfrazza Madiava]

Ohh wow! That rear glass bit is amazing, the colour is a rip off of ferrari great and overall its so much more period accurate. Thanks so much I love it! :smile:


2018 Atera Omine

Hello and i need kindly your people’s help. I finished this kei van that i just made but i was running out of idea when it comes to rear, so anyone can snatch this .car file and put your creative design there on a blank canvas. Oh and you’re welcomed to re-engineer the engine too because i’m not good at turbo tuning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Atera - Omine.car (34.0 KB)


In 1986, Perth-based automaker Herald wants a new compact car to replace it’s aging Herald Orion that sold well in their local market. Despite being the largest Australian automaker at that time they didn’t have a suitable body for their car. Eventually they decided to start a partnership with Tanaka, and used Tanaka’s body for the next car. And thus the Herald Advent is created.

Original Car Link: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name (original): 1987 Tanaka Aventis 1.8B (4th Gen)
Car Name (post-modified): 1988 Herald Advent 2.0 ESi
Author (original car): @Aaron.W
Author (modifier of the said car): Me


Changed front, side and rear end
Changed bumpers and door handles
Replaced the 1.8 inline-4 with a 2.0 inline-4 engine
Several changes to the trim equipment

Herald Advent - 2.0 ESi.car (42.3 KB)
(Originally planned for a facelift. Ended up making a whole new car instead.)


Here is the 1995 Morton Kestrel II, the second generation of Morton’s flagship sports car. Available with a choice of two all-alloy, quad-cam, naturally-aspirated V8 engines (a 345-horsepower 5.0-litre unit, or a 405-horsepower 5.4-litre lump, as shown here), and available exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive, it was a formidable competitor to its contemporaries.

The Kestrel II would receive a facelift in the year 2000 to keep it looking fresh in a sea of strong rivals while work on its successor continued. Your task is to create a facelifted trim for this particular car in which the trim year is set to 2000 - make sure to keep it era-correct for the time period.

Morton Kestrel II - 5.4.car (50.5 KB)


Yamanote E530

So here… is my car. The E530. It is a regular car, with FWD and a 2.5 turbo I4, marketed towards regular people who want a THICC hatchback.
It certainly is a car.
I doesn’t look 2019 enough, so I’ll redo this design as 2012-2019.
I’ll place this here.
You’re free to do whatever with it.
Have fun!
Yamanote E530 - 2.5 T S.car (120.0 KB)