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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


1980 Spander SP

Original Spander SP : @Maxbombe
Spander - SP 1980.car (65.4 KB)

Modified Spander SP : me
Spander - SP 1980 Edit.car (103.6 KB)

  • New 2.0l SOHC 3v V6 with TBI (the original transverse flat 6 provided some… engineering challenges)
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • Reworked front and rear fascia with USDM-compliant sealed beam headlights
  • New wheels
  • Larger mirrors
  • Added marker lights / reflectors
  • Added windshield drainage / vents and washers
  • Reworked headlight wipers to match new fascia
  • A couple of other small things, such as tow hooks and a new fuel door


Original Car Link (the original .car file):PAZ O-64 - 1.1.car (44.7 KB)

Author: @Mad_Cat
Car Name (the original car name): Paz 0-64
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : if your going to war, you are going need a manly Vehicle in 1948
New Trim / Variant Name (optional):Paz 0-64 “Trooper”

My Version

Car File:PAZ O-64 - Trooper 2.7L i4.car (191.6 KB)


I absolutely love it. @WirelessCables


Original Car Link (the original .car file):

Author: @HybridTronny
Car Name (the original car name): Newman CK-R
Author (of the redesigned car) : @micz244
Desc (optional) : “A Evolution of Sorts”
New Trim / Variant Name (optional) Newman CK-R “Apollo Editon”

My Version


Original Car Post: Community Redesign Centre (CRC)
Car Name: 95 Jin Tori GRX
Author: @TheAlmightyTwingo

Modified car: Jin Tori - Super GRX Alfora Concept.car (39.7 KB)

Desc: in the beginning I tried to stay more close to the original design, but i think it doesnt worked, when i saw i was mading a completely different car, but i used most of the concepts used on the original car. Because of the change, i named it Super GRX, and put a V8 on it. I forgot some details like the rear window light cuz i need to sleep, but thats it(and it looks some years newer too)

New Trim/Variant Name: Super GRX Alfora Concept


1986 Bradford 280 Sedan

Want a comfortable family car? 280!

Fast and sporty sedan? 280!

Reliable project car? 280!

With it’s robust 2.57L Inline 6 and competent chassis, not even the Nürburgring can stop it!

Now made available for everyone to own ! ! (Bradford - 280 Sedan.car (25.9 KB))


Nice design, though I would like to say you redesigned my redesign :wink:


Long time no post in the forums! And this will be brief before I disappear again for the time being. This is a wagon I designed during the week, the 2017 Dangun Idea TL-Estate. All yours for the redesigning!

Download the car: Dangun Idea - TL Estate.car (39.0 KB)


Here is the Rêdet 24 from 1966. I don’t know what to do with it, so maybe other people will have better ideas.

Rêdet - 24 1969.car (59.7 KB)
En joie.


Original car: Rêdet - 24 1969.car (59.7 KB)

Redesigned car: Rêdet - 24 1969 RD.car (77.0 KB)

Original Auhor: @Maxbombe

Desc: Added some details, made the front grille bigger, removed the chrome trim from the sides, removed one mirror, and remade the whole rear part of the car.


Illusion Cadet 2019 - Redesigned by CCD

Original Car Link: Illusion - Cadet 2019.car (49.3 KB)

Original Author: @Maxbombe

Redesigned Car: Illusion - Cadet 2019 Ezdmn.car (118.0 KB)


Oh boy, this took a while. But there’s no time limit for CRC, right? :wink:

Anyway, I basically tore the whole thing apart and redesigned it from the ground up, of course while doing my best to maintain all the design elements. I redesigned it so that in general, it has improved flow and cohesion with the body. I also updated it with some glowsticks, because seriously, this design is just asking for it!

I actually found this quite challenging, partly because I’ve been stuck in the classical era these past few months, partly because the base material is a solid departure from my usual style. I also used a bunch of fixtures and techniques I don’t usually use, taking inspiration from Maxbombe’s own cars. Still, I found it an interesting experience, and after a while I finally got to a point where I’m satisfied with the result.

PS: You sure you don’t want the engineering tweaked? I might have a couple suggestions there, looking at what you have :joy:


Please make this 500 km/h high stress beast look way more revelant, Mangan - P59 v2.car (25.4 KB)


Karma R37 - Turismo.car (31.0 KB)

Introducing the 2020 Karma R37 Turismo. A back to basics sports car with a manual transmission, RWD, and a naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 making exactly 370hp. (I bet you can guess what aging sports car this is based on)

I like the way it looks, but it is too simple for me. I would like someone to redesign the styling it to look better and less simple.
I currently love the way this car drives, so I only need styling changed.


Dangun Idea TL Estate

Equipped with a slightly more powerful and efficient bored out version of the original’s 1.0 litre, and some cleaned up trim pieces. Otherwise, I tried to keep it as faithful to the original as I could.

Original car by @Radster
New car: Dangun Idea - 1.1 TL Estate.car (76.9 KB)


Original Car: http://d3hrnetf5izp16.cloudfront.net/original/4X/c/b/f/cbf5bd3742e567488a599b741c18928ee360dd6d.car
Original Creator: Kotochlebek59
Revised Car:
Mangan - P59 v2.car (31.3 KB)

Description of changes.
I did not change anything about how the car drives other than the rideheight. I added badges to the front and rear. I also changed the wheels to look better. The Front is completely different looking and the rear just has some extras added to make it look less bland, although its still not my best work.
Yellow highlights the changes more than the red.


Reizei Oxygen 2.0 SE

Original by @SpeedLife1
Redesign: Reizei Oxygen - SE 2.0 [CRC].car (65.5 KB)


I love this take on it :flushed: :heart_eyes:


Atera Omine
Original by HybridTronny
Redesign by me: Atera - Omine.car (35.8 KB)
I tuned up the engine so it now makes 66hp, revs higher, gets nearly 50mpg, and the turbo spools around the same RPM. This version of the engine is a bit more costly to produce however.

I kept the back simple, but tried to match the chrome, badging, and angular lights up front.


Hello people!
First time here, I’ll keep it brief.
Haven’t named this car, but it suffers from a lot of snap oversteer and I don’t know how to fix it.
I would love some help, but please keep the year as '05 (trying to do a retro-looking roadster) and don’t make it very expensive either. I would like to avoid AWD.

(google drive link since I can’t post attachments due to being a new user)
Thanks for any help.


1993 CMT Sebring

A very very old design by me, it is from mid-2018.
I consider it as quite good but not as good as it could be.
@BF94387 another BF9 car based on one of my creations?

Of course it is open for everyone to redesign.

Sebring - 22i.car (26.3 KB)