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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Great looking car. Unfortunately I cannot seem to fix the issue. I think it may just be due to the small wheelbase.


Hamel 20-series Light Sport

Original by @Flying_Reinbeers

Had to give the car a proper name (because model 20 - trim 20 isnt very interesting)

A 2005 British roadster, with all the style of classical British roadsters, and only some of their problems. The turbo V6 on the original car was frankly too excessive for such a small car from the 2000s, so I gave it a naturally aspirated 1.6 litre H4. Steering was corrected, and the car remains RWD as requested

Hamel 20-series - Light Sport.car (55.9 KB)


Good morning all. I recreated as best I could a car from my archives. I’d like to see what someone else here can do as far as a spin on the aesthetics. It’s the 1975 Ardent Cantabria (Piper) 2.0 GT. The Cantabria was the overseas (Euro/Asia) version, and the 2.0 GT was the top-end sporty model.

Please do not touch the engine or any other mechanicals. This is purely a visual redesign request.

Ardent Cantabria - 2.0 GT.car (39.0 KB)


Here’s the 2019 Kinusoka Excentra, I’m pretty happy with the design but i’d be interested to see what other takes people have on it.

Kinusoka - Excentra.car (119.5 KB)


Here is the Buidront 10 from 2019. A pre-Spander car of mine. I would like people to make it look better, more modern, while trying to keep the design clues. Please make a clone of it beforehand.
Buidront - 10 2019.car (43.6 KB)

Don’t hesitate to remake the engine if you want.


Kinusoka Excentra Redesign by Maxbombe

Original Car Link: Kinusoka - Excentra.car (119.5 KB)
Original Author: @Centurion_23
Redesigned Car: Kinusoka - Extra Excentra Concept.car (101.0 KB)
(this is a copy, only the design and the engine variant has been altered)
Description : Made the car more agressive, more mean, more powerfull, less nice, less refined.

I can't see


Original design by @CMT: Original Post

1996 CMT Sebring Turbo by BF9

More Pics

I’ve been experimenting with implementing clear windows into some of my new builds - and the new roadster interior mod makes this a lot nicer to do. I’m pretty happy with this rendition of CMT’s 90s 2+2, and it’s definitely been brought into the modern era of Automation design


Now available for download! CMT Sebring - 22-BF9.car (75.4 KB)


2012 HBPD (Horizon Bay Police Department) Cruiser

Despite having newer vehicles which will be replacing it soon after, the HBPD Cruiser is indeed, a legendary cop car of it’s own. With a 4.4 SOHC “Family” V8 engine generating 263 hp and a hefty 377 Nm of torque, a reliable platform and of course, the showcase of might of the Horizon Bay’s police force. With these reasons it’s clear to see why this vehicle is the reason HBPD trusted these vehicles since 1998.

Obviously, it’s unfinished yet. Give this car a nice looking police livery design, add some police stuff, and if you can you may help to make this car feel much like an American police cruiser. And since the vehicles are not part of the actual race so yeah, the specs aren’t as accurate as intended.


List of edits:

  • Adding a livery
  • Change the looks of the vehicle (realistic facelift)

File: HBPD - Cruiser.car (32.2 KB)
(31.1 KB)

The best design will be used on SSC itself.


2021 Montes Urban MK7

Montes on the final design phase for the next-gen Urban, and wants more proposals to choose.

Here is one of the clay prototypes

What wants the brand?

The brand wants a modern, sporty and not boring design mainly.

Mk7 Urban proto - Urban § 190 4Drive MDC.car (47.2 KB)


2019 Shelby Venom

An All-American mid engined supercar. Complete with a 5.2L Ford “Voodoo” flat-plane V8 offered either in 526hp NA “S” or near 1000hp twin-turbo “SS” configurations.
The Shelby Venom is available with either a 7 speed manual or a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.
Coupled with an intelligent AWD system, the Shelby Venom S does 0-60 in a mere 2.8 seconds and the Shelby Venom SS does 0-60 in an astonishing 2.3 seconds. (Dodge Demon much?)\

I’m curious to see where yall take this. I am not happy with the rear looks.
Shelby Venom - Super Sport.car (35.8 KB)

Yes, I get it. The .car file has a crossplane crank since I absolutely despise the sound of Ferrari V8s. The GT350 doesnt sound like the flatplane in the game.


Photos don’t work




2013 HBPD (Horizon Bay Police Department) Cruiser SUV

Replacing the increasingly dated old police cruiser from the late 90s, Horizon Bay Police Department has decided to opt for a SUV as their next generation cruiser. The unibody SUV is equipped with the all-new “Vortex” 3.5 liter V6 DOHC twin-turbo, generating 371 hp and 516 Nm to all of it’s wheels.

Despite the downsized engine, the new cruiser is much more robust than it’s predecessor thanks to more power. Not only it had a higher top speed than before, it also boasts a faster 0-100 km/h times of 5.7 seconds, and a improved build making it more capable of dealing against illegal street racers which is becoming a massive issue on the city.

The new cruiser, designated as a 2013 model, will be officially deployed to service starting from 1st June 2012.

Of course, what the car needs now, is a livery, and maybe some cosmetic changes like the old cop car model. Like usual, the vehicle with the best looking livery design will be used on the SSC.

HBPD - Cruiser (New).car (57.6 KB)


Neither body had enough paint slots for what I wanted to do, so I had to improvise. Pretty sure State Patrol is wrong, but whatever.

HBPD - Cruiser (New) K-9 Unit.car (67.4 KB)

HBPD - Cruiser State Patrol.car (45.8 KB)

@BannedByAndroid, Gave it a try, dunno if it’s up to scratch, or even what you’re looking for.


An older truck of mine, with only the wheels changed before posting. Do what you want with it (but please at least give it a name :slight_smile:) - I’m curious to see the results!

Unnamed - CRC.car (78.1 KB)


2004 Hessenburg F3000GTI-R

In 2004, as the final iteration of the 5th gen high-performance F-series, the F3000GTi-R was released as a 400 unit special edition of the F3000GTi. The 220 hp engine was now turbocharged, generating 282 hp, which is a massive improvement of the standard model. Paired with a DCT, the F3000GTi-R sprints from standstill to 100 km/h in a swiftly 5.3 seconds.

In 2005, the next generation of the F-series hatchback was released, and the F3000GTi of that generation went for an AWD setup instead. Thus, the 2004 F3000GTi-R is Hessenburg’s last ever FWD GTi model ever made.

As usual, the vehicle is free for anyone to modify. You can build it whatever you want.

Hessenburg F-Series - F3000GTi-R (2004).car (33.0 KB)


Mangan - Canon X EVO.car (56.8 KB)
Mangan X EVO with 2.7 v6, it is 10th anniversary generation of mangan cannon


Original post
Original car: Di Inferi Ozen Coupe
Author: @Metric-Miura
New variant: Di Inferi Ozen Coupe 5.2 Supernatural

Here’s my redesign on the Ozen - a naturally aspirated, manual-only version intended mainly for purists. I call this one the “Supernatural” for having a naturally aspirated engine.

Visual changes: Slimmer main grille, front vents and headlights; lower grille added; hood bulge added; lower side vent flipped; reshaped rear fascia; rear window morph moved further forward (I thought it was set too far back, which was a waste of space considering that it was only a two-seater); wing mirrors reshaped and enlarged; exterior color changed to Solo Blue; wheel design changed to dual five-spoke.

Mechanical changes: Engine converted to natural aspiration, fitted with flat-plane crankshaft and retuned to deliver 540 bhp; gearbox replaced with six-speed manual; shorter final drive ratio fitted; tires widened front and rear by 5mm; brakes retuned; downforce and cooling levels changed; active suspension replaced by standard steel springs and retuned for better handling without excessive oversteer.

Trim changes: Advanced 10s safety (0 quality) fitted; premium infotainment installed.

If you want to find out how the Ozen would feel if it were more like an old-school supercar (naturally aspirated, RWD, manual gearbox), click on the link to try this version out for yourself:

Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe 5.2 Supernatural.car (47.1 KB)


Good job


ok deal with it