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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


Here is my Brief : This is the Trident Enigma 2000 Deluxe SLE Released 19th July 1975 with the rest of the Enigma III range… You may go nuts with the car although i would like anyone to create a 1980 refresh of the Car and its advanced but aging 1975 version of The Phoenix-Trident 220 Engine which dates back to 1950, id like to keep its Sharp lines and Frontal Look although if a headlight change is what you want to do , you can. The Trident Brand is a Very Triumph/BMW mix/competitor So please keep its Sporty stance and Upmarket appeal… all in all do what you will. Edit: If this is well recieved i may post more cars here

Trident Enigma MK3 - 2000 Deluxe SLE 4DR.car (46.2 KB)


Trident Enigma Redesign by Maxbombe
Original Car Link: Trident Enigma MK3 - 2000 Deluxe SLE 4DR.car (46.2 KB)
Original Author: @trekstar88
Redesigned Car: Trident Enigma MK4 Spander - 2000 Deluxe SLE 4DR.car (68.5 KB)

(this is a copy, only the design and the engine variant has been altered)

Description : I kept most of the design language, but redid all the trim, grilles and tailights. The car is a little more powerful, more safe, more comfortable and people like it even more! (And maybe a bit less expensive than the 1975 one) The car is now more modern, fitting for 1980.


done a quick little bit of work on the design

Ardent Cantabria - 2.0 GT.car (50 KB)


1985 AMB K130

.car file AMB K130 - Base model.car (57.9 KB)


That Looks BRILLIANT!!! Thanks!!!


Thanks! Much better visual detail now. :slight_smile:


This is the Trident Enigma MK2 1600S . The first Trident Emerald Model and the first trident to Be angled Away from Fighting Ford and BMC and towards The Lower end BMW cars and the Upmarket(ish) Triumphs such as the 2000s and Vitesse models. You may do as you wish… although a 1970 facelift would be nice… Just keep the Styling ques of a sharp nose and sporty stance and do what u like!! Trident Emerald - 2.5L SL.car (47.1 KB)



Hakumai Aura 4 Door sedan

HAKUMAI Aura - Trim 105 Clone.car (35.0 KB)
Feel Free! (Needs Trueno font mod and wheelpack 3 mod and L5’s headlight mod) And that other door handle mod idk anymore


Callisto - G AWD.car (36.1 KB)

Feel Free to redesign the entire car, what your looking at is a 2020 Sceptre Callisto, its the base 2.5 model with the optional AWD, id like a rear lightbar style taillight, and if the front grille was the same basic shape.


2020 Callisto - G AWD Revo DH

Callisto - G AWD Revo DH.car (35.1 KB)

The Callisto G AWD, has been completely reworked with new bodywork and a new aero-package. The car uses an up-rated version of the of the originals 8-speed adv. automatic. The car still retains the same 2.5L I4, which has been completely reworked into a 2.3L I4 which produces 327HP in naturally aspirated form.

The car has had a full suspension overhaul and the top speed is now up to 161MPH. The car also features some carbon fibre panels and a ECU and ESC upgrade. Which shares programming with the Babylonem hypercar. The car also features a more premium interior and redesigned front and rear lights.

Revo - Redefine the Revolution


2005 Albany Atlas SST

It needs a redisgn.

Albany - Atlas SST.car (127.6 KB)


Trident Emerald Redesign by OME

Original Car Link: Trident Emerald - 2.5L SL.car (47.1 KB)

Original Author: @Human89845524

Redesigned Car: Trident Emerald - 2.5L SL.car (58.8 KB)

Description: Gave it a clean, elegant look, keeping most of the original proportions and focusing on details that give the car presence. Now in British racing green.


Redesign this…

AMB G180 - Base Model.car (70.6 KB)


That restyle of my car looks brilliant!!! May i use it as my range topper model?


sure brother :wink: glad you like it!


Very nice design, can’t find a thing on this what I would change!


thanks brother


Absolutely gorgeous ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


this looks interesting :wink:


I’ll give this one a shot! :+1: