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Compact Car Challenge P1 OUT | USDMFTWs Car Reviewing | Reopening when UE4 Isnt 100% Broken | Looking for Writers PM Me |


Hello and welcome to my car reviewing thread. Reviews will restart once the UE4 beta arrives. Hopefully ill have a writer by then. If your intrested in writing for my review thread, please PM me.

The categories your car will be reviewed on:

Driveability - How easy the car is to drive, and how well it drives in various subpar conditions, as well as other general characteristics that affect the driveability of the car.

Performance and Sportiness - Acceleration and braking characteristics, as well as other general characteristics that affect the performance and driving feel of the car.

Handling - How well the car does handles corners and lap times on the two base game tracks.

Comfort - How well the car handles road imperfections and other design choices that affect the comfort of the driver.

Aesthetics - How well does the car look (Do note, this is purely a reviewer opinion section and this section has ZERO effect on the cars total score).

Safety - How well the car can withstand a crash, how well it can protect occupants and how well it can prevent accidents with technology.

Cost - How much the car cost. Calculated using in-game metrics and design decisions.

Reliability - Will the car leave you on the side of the road after it decides to drop its transmission out the bottom of the car at 500,5000, or 500000 miles.

These categories will be weighted based on the class of the car.


Maybe you could review the 2016 SpearMan Vancouver or Gyro? :slight_smile:


review some random open source car, maybe one of mine :laughing:


Would you like to get your hands on one of Airborne's current cars?


Reviews will not be started until the open beta is complete and becomes a normal release, to many random bugs and a few lua errors.


You COULD just review cars from the current stable build


I COULD, but how many people on these forums have not opted into the open beta, and if i get multiple cars sent in, and if they dont get done until after the open beta finishes, they no longer work correctly.


A LOT, actually. And I know of at least a few who are reverting to stable


I am on open beta and I love it. Sure, there are bugs but I like to stick with the latest updates. :slight_smile:

And once the open beta is finished, I will be sure to send in the Vittalli Radicale Turbo!


If enough people are willing to send cars for the current steam stable build, ill review them then, formulas are mostly complete. I would also be looking for one more possible writer.


I will get to work on another car.


First Review coming out Wednesday afternoon! Scores are completed and writing has begun.
Thanks to stickmaster62 for the car!

Of course, we are still accepting more cars for the current steam stable version only.


Are you looking for anything in particular or any car in general? Because I'd definitely be keen to send something.


I will review anything, as long as the car does not break the game/edited luas.


Take a look at newest cars from Airborne Automotive (NY ones). If you want to review one of those, pm me


That was a great review! :slight_smile: The car is pretty decent for that price. I might send in one of my cars soon! I just have to build it... :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a nice reading! For that price, Miller must be losing money :open_mouth:
By the way, what's the difference between driveability and handling? :question: I thought those were synonyms.


I must echo what everyone is saying, great review, despite needing to do some major tweeks, but this is what reviews are for!


Handling in my reviews is for performance/track only. I use driveability as how easy is it to drive on public roads and the track for a less experienced driver.

Some cars can handle well and get great times around a track, but be extremely crazy for a lesser experienced driver, such a Corvette C6 z06, vs something like an R35 GTR thats easy to drive fast.


Next review coming out this Wednesday. Also looking for more cars to review. Also planning on a comparison for when the open beta finishes. Most likely rwd sports cars, 2017 MY. What comparison(s) would people want to see?