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Competitiveness not making sense


So I’m designing cars (as you do in a car design game :wink: ), and I’ve come across some figures that are frankly baffling.

Going from no entertainment to adding any entertainment (even a basic radio) drops competitiveness across the board. The same thing happens when adding gears to the gearbox. Now, yes, they both add weight, but not a significant amount - although going from a basic AM radio to a standard AM radio added 25kg, which made me wonder if the thing is made of solid lead. In any case, the performance of the cars barely change (in the case of the radio, comfort goes up), but competitiveness drops by 15-25 when making these changes.

So, is there a bug I don’t know of, or is there something else going on that eludes me?




Cost is a big thing to a buyer. What’s happening to your affordability?
The radio weight thing has been discussed a few times, something to do with wires and brackets (and other stuff) to hold everything, IIRC.


Is there a way I can find the price without committing it to a factory?

Adding a standard AM radio (up from none at all) dropped competitiveness by almost 70 points. This seems extreme.

Edit: I see you mentioned affordability. This dropped from 48% to 41%.

Edit 2: This car is a 40’s vintage family car, refitting in 1957, using a 1940 small sedan. The car is not that complicated.




Don’t spend much time with the light campaign myself, so I guess you’ll just have to wait for someone else more knowledgeable. Sorry I can’t help further.


can you attach the campaign save somewhere?


No, sorry. Deleted it for other reasons. But having experimented with some things, it could have been the local economy. 1950’s Archana seems to be a poor place, lol.




41% affordability is basically dead, I generally don’t drop below 70% for any saleable car.


In early Archana, 40% used to be pretty damn good if I remember the Kee LCV2