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Competitor Difficulty above 120%


Is there a reason why is it capped at 120%? Couldn’t we have an option to set it to a higher values, like 150% or maybe even 200%? I don’t know what’s the sensible max value, but it’s quite easily achievable to have a car competitiveness scores at a times over 200 (on 100% difficulty level) :man_shrugging:


Yeah, should be an easy enough change to make, I don’t see why not to allow some higher values. I think it would be sensible to not increase it too much until we see how much more difficult the LCV4.1 plays though. :slight_smile:


Competitors taking full advantage of quality, R&D, and turbos would also make a big difference. Of course, it’s my understanding that’s not happening for at least a few updates. We could definitely use more slider either way though, it’s not like it really hurts to have it go “too high”, at worst you could include a warning or a tick-box to enable extreme sliders.