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[COMPLETED] State of Defence - Challenge


Just over 24 hours left, dunno if I’ll get any more entries.


Suisei AMC has presented the Lowe Ryu, the LAV that has the latest technology and chassis and frame work construction with forged plating for its defensive layer then conventional bolts. The vehicle poses attachablle metal rail guards to limiting the effectiveness, to a degree, to RPGs and HEAT warheads. The vehicle was designed to be a modular vehicle capable of having many different weapon platforms but notable for its dual 20mm Vulcan gatlling gun.

The LAV poses reinforced bull bars and both sides. These are removable and attachable which provides extra protection and utility. It limits the effectiveness of rams (from enemy vehicles) and gives the vehicle better clearance ability to push rubble without damaging vital parts i.e. the headlights at moderate ramming speeds.

With its reinforced windows with bars for extra protection the vehicle allows the crew to survive in CQB situations and to prevent unnecessary lose of life as well as specialized door hinges to prevent any lose bolts due to wear or during combat as it is exposed and easy to remove if done correctly making the doors valuable targets for sneaky insurgents or enemy troops.

The rear has two narrow ladders to allow quick access to the top with its ability to fold up to give clearance to the heavy rear door. The doors are bared up to decrease HEAT ammunition as stated previously and to reinforce the rear.

The LAV also has narrow metal plates to reduce the effectiveness of mines at the side of the vehicle. We give an extra step in consideration to make this a multi purpose vehicle for the military and any situation or field of duty.

With an reliable 10L V8, due to it’s simplistic design, producing 701NM at 3300RPM and 389kW at 5900 RPM.The engine is also surprisingly quiet contradictory to the engine size and power to all 4 wheels with a 4x4 system and manual lockers.

More Pictures Xd

More Pictures!

White, arctic paint

Green, forest paint

Dark grey, SWAT

All together!


Right, uh Challenge closed as of 3 hours ago, got distracted with F1.

Results will be out hopefully within 48 hours, 72 hours at the most


State of Defence

25km east of the Gasmea-Archana Border - 0830 - August 17 2018

General Franks and R&D Director James Lucas stood on a bank, the five Concepts below them.

He beckoned Lucas towards the First concept, the Arion Hercules LAV.

Arion Hercules LAV



  • Highest Offroad and Practicality in Class
  • Relatively Inexpensive to purchase
  • Relatively cheap to maintain
  • Relatively High Towing and Load Capacities
  • Middle of the Road Reliability


  • Relatively Difficult to Drive

After they were noted, they moved on to the next car, the LT-19




  • Relatively High Reliability
  • Relatively easy to drive
  • Middle of the road Load Capacity and Practicality


  • Worst in Class Safety
  • Worst in Class Offroad
  • Relatively Expensive to Maintain
  • Worst in Class Towing Capacity
  • Worst in Class Purchase Price
  • 4spd. Advanced Auto is an odd choice.

After that severe disappointment, they moved on to the ARG-ATLR




  • Highest in Class ease of Driving
  • Relatively High Practicality
  • Cheapest Purchase Price in Class
  • Middle of the road Offroad, Service Cost, and Utility


  • Relatively Low Safety and Reliability
  • Relatively Low Towing Capacity
  • Worst in Class Load Capacity

Once the ALTR was looked over, they broke for lunch, then returned to the Merkur Mu-94 BREM

Merkur MU-94 BREM



  • Highest in Class Safety
  • Highest in Class Reliability
  • Best in Class ease of service
  • Middle of the Road Purchase Price, Offroad and Towing Capacity


  • Worst in Class Utility
  • Hardest to Drive
  • Relatively Low Load Capacity

With that, they moved on to the final proposal, the Suisei AMC Lowe Ryu.

Suisei AMC Lowe Ryu



  • Best in Class Utility
  • Best in Class Towing and Load Capacity
  • Relatively High Safety and Offroad
  • Middle of the Road Ease of Driving and Practicality


  • Worst in Class Reliability and Cost of Service
  • Relatively high Purchase Price

With all the designs looked over, the General left Lucas to make the decision on what vehicle the Gasmean Military will use in the future.

50km into Archana, 3rd Gasmean-Archanan Conflict, September 27th 2021 - 0030

“Hunter Actual, this is Hunter 2-1, we’re preparing to move in formation.”

“Copy Hunter 2-1, You are cleared to advance. Godspeed.”

5 AGR-ALTR’s began to move under the cover of darkness toward an Archanan FOB, their inline 5’s barely audible as they moved.

They barely knew what hit them. From the trees, the 5 ALTR’s barreled forward. Damage was minimal, all hostiles were pacified or eliminated. The FOB had been secured.

The ALTR’s were game changing for the Gasmean military for this conflict. They were able to claim territory with minimal losses to their advanced squads and even in their support companies. The victory was swift, in strong part to a well chosen LAV.

Congratulations to Dorifto_Dorito for their Win

In Second Place comes Private_Miros

and Third and rounding out the Podium comes Aruna.

Here’s a link to all the stats laid out to see.

holy fuck an on-time challenge from Vri404 what the fuck happened here


where the fuck is my party emoji this is

an occasion


Congrats to anyone who won this challenge.



right above ya buddy


Awesome unique challenge! I hope we see another like this soon :sparkles:


Thank you @Vri404 for a great competition. It learned me a lot about design techniques. It was the first time I made a car with this many fixtures, yet managed to keep the general appearance this clean (imo, compared to some others).