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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


John are you prepared for this? Designed by the Sbarro I love for the Lancia we all love:

Lancia Ionos by Sbarro. Bloody gorgeous.


Nazca C2 sure… but not as good as the italdesign schigera


NFS2&3 nostalgia trip here I come!!!


Wow you’re old. Same here :frowning:


Yeah I sure don’t act it forever burning up with the power of YOOOOOOOOOF but I’m like at least the middle generation of old farts on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m the opposit, i’m young, but an old fart at heart


Whether the Schigera or Nazca C2 appeared in your copy of NFS3 depends on the version you have. The Schigera only appears in the PC version, but is replaced by the Nazca C2 in the PS1 version, to compensate for NFS2: SE (which also features the C2) being exclusive to the PC.


You can have NFS2 SE on PC for the Nazca though


fite me


Actually Cala was close to production but got most likely ceased with P147 when Audi took over Lamborghini


Miura Concept…

EDIT: The italdesign Parcour as well


The Cala (which appeared in NFS2) definitely should have been built, but sadly wasn’t. I suspect Lamborghini did not have the resources to put it into production at the time, and when they did, Audi bought the company and ordered them to go back to the drawing board.


I honestly really just want someone to make an electric hot hatch. It would be bomb.


@Starfish94 You got a job to do!


There’s a reason that Miura concept never made it into production. The people at Lamborghini say “they look forwards, not backwards” so don’t count on any retro-themed lambos anytime soon.



The VW Bulli

On another note, it would be nice if companies actually followed through with the ideas they have with concept cars that get praise instead of producing the same relatively cookie cutter cars that everyone buys just because there’s nothing better.


This isn’t a thing I really want as much as it is a thing that’s happening

How did it go under my radar that Borgward is coming back by the original founders grandson?


Ah time to re-resurrect this thread I think. My options: more Sbarro, or this Holden.
I think I’ll go with the Holden.

aaaaahhhh sexy sexy :persevere:

1969 Holden Hurricane concept. MR with the 4.2L Holden V8 (with 4 barrel carbs!). It even had automatic air conditioning and a primitive form of GPS. In 1969! Bloody brilliant, this car.


And then for the next forty seven years Holden decided to make the same bloody sedan except progressively shittier for about forty five of those years :joy: