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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


Jeep Shortcut

A revamp of the old CJ-5


How about the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept? Heard that it may debut as a 2019 model, but that’s just a rumor


I like that Hyundai, looks like you shouldn’t mess with it.

Now I wish this went into production - Triumph Lynx - “Shooting brake” version of the TR7


Since I featured it in the other thread

Goddamn the Lotus Elite Concept is a beautiful car!


Interesting article from Car and Driver today on internal ND Miata concepts:

From the photoshop thread you know I have an abnormal fascination with the ND Miata, so seeing these concept pictures is really cool. The Japanese proposal is a nice homage to the NA Miata. But that American proposal though! :heart_eyes:

I can tell why a lot of people don’t like it and say it looks nothing like a Miata - it looks more like a Tesla - but that’s exactly why I love it!


Well I am one of those people that doesn’t like it.

I think as another, maybe more powerful and track oriented model it would work but it doesn’t have the happy car vibe you expect from a Miata

The American model looks pretty good though…
Japanese model, thank God they didn’t use it





Damn, too bad it’s only a concept car and not a production car.

Oh, wait…


That doesn’t count as a concept car because it actually entered production. This one does simply because it didn’t:

Lotus tried to resurrect the Esprit in 2009 with this striking mid-engined concept. Originally slated to use the 5.0L V8 from the Lexus IS F, it was later mean to receive a bespoke normally aspirated V8 - which would have been their first in-house engine for over a decade. But this project, along with the four others planned by Dany Bahar (including a larger Elise, a reborn Elan, and a new Elite) was abandoned after new owners DRB-Hicom nearly ran out of money. Lotus ended up using the spare funds to update the existing range instead.

Now that Geely has bought Lotus, the probability of an Esprit revival could increase from absolute zero again if the company’s finances improve. An expert’s view on how a new Esprit could finally see the light of day can be found here:


Oh I thought the “will come to life soon” part meant concepts that are released and will be put to production but I wasn’t aware it was already in production, sorry about that.

Also in that picture that lotus concept looks like a lamborghini without the edge overkill


That Esprit concept looks like the Zenshi Seiryu.

  • cough*


That first shot… so… ZLAD


is that the Mk5 supra?


Yep! Looking forward to seeing how it’ll end up!


ah, i’ve only been hearing bad news from it so far. so far one of the more believable rumors is it’s automatic only, with a crazier, but still possible one, being that it will also be a hybrid, making it more of a prius sport than a Supra


Automatic only sounds like an America only thing, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true and the rest of the world gets a manual

Hybrid? Bleh. Could still be good as hybirds can work as sports cars but not quite a Supra if it’s a hybrid


C’mon Toyota. You only need 3 features for it to succeed:

  1. Inline 6 engine with the option for a turbo.
  2. Manual transmission. It doesn’t have to be standard, just available in large enough quantities.
  3. Rear wheel drive. They already have this part down.


I did hear it might possibly use a 3.0L BMW I6, and those do come with Turbo’s. so that is possible, though there’s a rumor that it might just use a tuned Camry V6. and as for the manual. I sure do hope it happens, even if the same thing happens as with the Chevy SS.

And @Sillyducky wouldn’t be surprised if they did only go auto only stateside, as that’s what happened with the Alfa Romeo Giulia when they brought it over, though the rumors so far are saying auto only in all markets.


I absolutely love the design language in this new Honda EV concept, I wish they’d keep the design language just as clean when they go forward with making the eventual car.