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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


Except it should’ve had 4 doors, but whatever.


Why are all the japanese brands doing these tail lights now


altho that subaru is pretty nice


Because those tailights are cool?


1962 ford mustang concept


Those taillights are ugly as sin. I can only guess that they’re making them look like angery reacts as a joke.


I’ll have to agree with Vri on this one. I think they look cool.


I don’t mind the tail-lights, actually. Maybe not my favorite design, but I’ve seen far worse.


A few years ago, VW unveiled the bonkers Golf R 400. It never saw the light of day due to the vagaries of Dieselgate (and the presence of the Audi RS3 and TT RS, which matched the Golf’s power output and had an extra cylinder to boot), but it showed the lengths VW would go to in trying to dethrone the AMG A45.

This, along with several other stillborn concepts (many, if not all, of which have also been shown in this thread), is described in greater detail here:


(shameless double post warning)

Here’s one more concept from the previous decade which should have been built (and one I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned here at all before): the Maybach Exelero. Built as a test bed for tyre manufacturer Fulda, this humongous, extravagant and immensely powerful super-coupe was a spiritual successor to the pre-war W38, which served an identical purpose.

Had Maybach made a few dozen of these back in the day, and offered each of them for sale for at least a million dollars apiece, it would have been much less likely that the brand would be relegated to just another trim level on the current S-Class, and it would have retained its relevance for much longer.

The development, specifications and fate of the Exelero are explored in-depth here:


When my grandfather was alive, he was a big Packard guy. He had a model of an old Super 8 he used to own (when he was courting my grandmother in the early 50s). I loosely based my Olympus story on Packard. A while back I wondered who owns the rights to the Packard name. The guy who bought the name created a concept back in 1999.

Looks like he threw some body moldings onto a Jaguar S-type, and called it a Packard.
Personally, I would like one that had a more retro feel to it, although with the size they were, it would likely be considered an SUV by today’s standards.
And I want suicide doors.