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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


The only real I5 available in mass is from Volvo… not that they’re bad either
Here was a cool Volvo

Had to edit in a Volvo concept


Chrysler ME Four-Twelve (Mid-engined quad turbo V12)

Had that car been put into production it would’ve taken the title of fastest production car at the time.

Lincoln Futura

Just an awesome looking prototype that was incredibly expensive to produce. The sole prototype ended up being sold to George Barris where it sat deteriorating because it couldn’t legally be titled. When the Batman series was being created in 1966, Barris modified the car to make the Batmobile.

Cadillac Sixteen

As the name suggested this car had a V16, a 13.5 liter V16 to be precise. It’s large, it’s vulgar, and to me that is what a Cadillac should be.

Chrysler Turbine

More of a project than a simple concept, it showed a unique approach to conventional automotive thinking.


I’ve only recently started looking into Chrysler concept cars, they are pretty rad!


as for the Turbine car, it actually was set up and ready to go for production, then emissions laws changed and they couldn’t make the turbine pollute any less


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The interior design of early 2000’s Lincoln concepts:

The ford Forty-Nine

And the ford 021c

But with the 021c, not just because it’s an incredibly stylish car on the outside, on the inside as well, and the kind of practical features it had should’ve been implemented to a car by now.


While it’s not exactly a concept, I wish that it would’ve been produced:
The BMW M8!


The problem was the concept of a direct-drive turbine in a car in general. Emissions are fairly clean; free of all the currently “harmful” components besides Nitrogen Oxide. That was later reduced by what is effectively EGR; which isn’t as bad of an idea in a turbine as in a piston engine because the exhaust gas can be injected into the intermediate or even exhaust turbine stages instead of the compressor; which won’t reduce power.

Anyway, the reason the turbine car was a failure is because it’s a bad idea in general; especially using a primative turbine using 1960’s technology. Turbines are only efficient at their full rated power; any low-power condition and they’re abysmally inefficient. They are also unable to rapidly change speeds; which is a major reason as to why they’re unsuited to power automobiles. Modern military turbines have improved significantly; the F404 being able to spool from 60% thrust to full power in just 4 seconds, but a 1960’s era turbine, especially a primative one that remained affordable for use in a car would take orders of magnitude more time. Turbines also have enormous volumes of very high temperature exhaust gasses.

The ideal use for a turbine in a land-based vehicle would have a gas-electric powerplant; meaning having the turbine running constantly at full power spinning a generator. There have been experimental and even production locomotives employing that system, but even they turned out to be failures because conventional diesel-electric locomotives end up with significantly less buy-in and running costs, with similar efficiency ratings.

Chevrolet had a concept with a turbine-powered semi-truck; the Turbo Titan III

Beautiful vehicle… but just a bad idea.

If she would have had a more reasonable powerplant, that could have been a very progressive truck with improved aerodynamics and dual-width single rear tires; that the heavy truck industry is just now making a switch to.

@PottoGadd I love the first generation Challenger… but I like the 2nd gen as well. Mostly because that’s a Mitsubishi Galant from Mitsu’s golden years. I feel as though the Challenger nameplate did that car more harm than good. I had a similar issue with the Infiniti G35s here. I used to hate them because they bore the Skyline badge; which frankly it shouldn’t carry. It’s a great car; likely to be the replacement for my Altima actually… but she’s not a Skyline.


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I can see the same clear traces of Ford that’s in the 021c, in the Bronco


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This was featured in the Lost Cuda thread, but it fits well here too.

The 1975 Barracuda Concept

As a huge Barracuda fan I would love to have seen this as a full production car!

Original Hot Rod Mag. Article


I stumbled across that thread, that car is quite the stunner


Here was one of the last cars Saab dared to make before going bust. I think it’s quite a sleek, elegant, sexy car.

Anybody have any modern, obscure concepts?


The Mazda Kiyora Concept

Peugeot RC Hymotion 4

Nissan Qazana

(I just want a Jacked up Juke, okay?)


Mazda sure makes some interesting concepts.


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I think the Furai looks amazing, but that’s just me


That’s… a creepy looking one, lol. Mazda’s concepts are getting more and more organic looking.
I really like their old RX-500 concept from 1970

That was actually the original concept that came to be the Juke.

I believe you meant to post this;

1985 Nissan MID4 Concept

2000 Mitsubishi SSS Concept

1995 Isuzu XU-1 Concept


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