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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


And tell KA to leave me to like whatever I want and not fucking dissect it to point out my choices are bad because

  1. It isn’t powered by a KA24DE
  2. Not enough ground clearance
  3. Too much prestige
  4. He doesn’t approve of the engine because it either sounds bad or is unbalanced.


Lol, that wasn’t the intent. I see some charm in Volvo; as I’ve mentioned earlier, for their sheet-metal… but not for their engines.

My counter-argument to that is “Let’s do something stupid, because no one’s done it before! Time for a V7 engine.”
I don’t want to drag this thread into a deep discussion… but I have to at least explain myself. The inline-5 has always perplexed me because it has all three orders of disbalance. To my eyes… that’s a flawed concept. I understand why Audi made the first inline-5; they needed a 2.14L engine that could spin upwards of 8,000rpm, and still fit in their car… because Rally reasons. It made sense at the time, and I have nothing against that particular engine. I can also see the cost-savings of the GM Atlas by making it modular; like most large stationary or nautical engines are built. I can not fathom any reason other reasons for using an inline-5… so Volvo and Mercedes has me scratching my head here… though I have to credit Mercedes’ I-5 diesels… they’re very well built engines.

Inline-4s only have a secondary imbalance. Inline-5s have all three orders of disbalance in exchange for a single overlapping power pulse. So I kind of see I-5s as adding more complexity and cost for effectively no benefit. I don’t consider balance-shafts as a solution because the same can be applied to the inline-4, and balance-shafts in general lower the maximum engine speed because they have to endure spinning at twice the speed of the crank.

Annnnd as I’m typing I see this;

Sigh I thought you didn’t mind a friendly discussion. Sorry.
Also, I have never once mentioned that the KA is the superior engine. It isn’t. They’re good, very reliable and over-built engines with a flat power-band… but not “legendary”. NVH wasn’t considered into the design either.
lol at “too much prestige”. No such thing. Too much cost… certainly.

CONCEPTS. As the thread title says! I’m on topic…ish.

The Fenomenon Stratos. A Lancia Stratos concept not done by Lancia. I don’t know how that even works… but I want it.


Don’t take my ribbing too seriously :wink: @KA24DE
See, while a lot of kids grew up adoring Lambos and Ferraris I was there ogling the Audi Sport Quattro S1, so naturally the love for I5s continued. And yes, I very much realize they are flawed, much like V8s are good and all but tricky to package and are complicated, yet still people like them.
Also I was poking fun at you because you said earlier here that a Nissan concept was powered by “my beloved KA24DE”.
You seem annoyed at me @KA24DE so please reply to me and tell me you read this ;-; don’t hate me, I’m sorry


I remember seeing this car in BRIGHT LIME GREEN at the Gumball Rally when I was 6. It was next to a massive tank, so I’ll never forget that car.


I am an idiot. I had a chance to go see the Gumbal last year but I passed it up.


I can relate to that. While I’ve always liked Lamborghini’s designs… I always knew they were unattainable, so I never cared too much for them. My love was always for Nissan. Like you, I also had a thing for rally cars; so I had plenty of similar interests.

Eh… I wouldn’t go so far as calling crossplane V8s flawed… but they do have the issue of odd exhaust pulses. That said, seeing as most production cars don’t bother with anything even close to equal length exhaust pipes and good resonance tuning… it isn’t a huge issue.

Ah, I see. What I said was a valid point when you look at the QR engine that replaced the KA. That thing is just a horror show. Abysmal design. Worst stroke-to-rod ratio of any production engine, and tons of issues like frothing oil because the balance shafts are in the oil pan, and a tendancy to eat it’s own catalyst. Yes, I mean ingesting ceramic particles back through it’s exhaust valves. You can imagine what that does to the cylinder walls. Renault also cheapened out on the bloody lock-tite… so it occasionally eats it’s own butterfly-valve screw.
If only Nissan had modernized the KA with variable valve timing instead. Add balance shafts if you must… it still would have been worlds better. Renault, I BLAME YOUuuuuuuu~~~

No worries. I was just concerned that you weren’t happy with me poking you.

Must… find… concepts!
1985 Oldsmobile FE-3X Fierenza Concept

Apparently Old’s wanted to annoy Japan. I like it. Would probably be powered by the 'ol Iron Duke… so not sure how competetive she would have been… but I would have liked her to exist anyway.



You’ve lost me. I have much to learn…

About Lambo, at the Geneva Motor Show, Italdesign put out a car:

If any modern supercar’s front was like that, I’d be all over it. Not this thing’s rear though.


That is an amazing looking car…


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The new Charger really isn’t that bad you know. Must everything be a wannabe retro homage? Look what happened to the Gen V Camaro and tell me how well that looks.

Also what are Reventon wheels doing on that TVR?


I don’t even know what Gordon Murray is doing, he must have become just a senile old man now
@PottoGadd I actually liked everything you posted except the Firebird and the GT90


The KIA Sportspace


God, the Koreans are on point these days


Camaro the American classic design redone by Australians!!! But it is far better than the monaro/Gto or whateva the yanks call it


Actually, that’s exactly why Volvo made the 5-cyliinder engine. It was based off of a modular architecture for their 4, 5, and 6-cylinder engines – saving costs.


I hope you are aware of the fact that Porsche helped design the Volvo 4-5-6- cyl family.


Very much aware… my Dad had a 2001 S80 2.9 when it was new, so from back then I knew those motors were partly developed by Porsche.


Ah, thanks for sharing that; I didn’t know.
Okay @ramthecowy I no longer have an issue with Volvo’s inline-5.

The 1983 Alfa Romeo Delfino. They finally have a car that doesn’t look derpy with their trademark Dorito nose, and they don’t produce it. Typical. I’m (almost) always of a fan of Bertone’s concepts.

Personally… I hate Alfa’s trademark triangle with a passion. It always looks so tacked on and out of place to me. Bertone tried to blend it in, in the concept above… effectively and tastefully I might add.


Looks like something that would fit in a 90’s sci-fi movie.


Bringing this thread back because I loved looking at all those crazy cars. Here’s something I want to see produced. It’s called the Laraki Epitome. It produces over 1500 bhp, is estimated to cost $2 million, and was designed and built in the country of Morocco!