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Pardon my asking (its been a while). Has any discussion been brought up about contracts in the game? Law Enforcement, Government, etc vehicles with specific stats needing to be met before assigning agreed contract? Also the thought (I THINK it has been brought up years ago) about contracting out engines to other manufacturers for a fee?

So far the game is coming along nicely! I really, REALLY find the engineering time when starting out to be greatly exaggerated however. I tried under numerous concepts to start as a mid level company with large factory utilizing average automation for 1946 and designing a line of vehicles (US equivalent to a Oldsmobile or Buick) and engineering time at BEST goes into 1950?! No matter how low I get engineering time while keeping a realistic production figure. I hope the programming for this aspect isn’t polished and done. Other then that I am very pleased with how its coming along!!

Great Job y’all