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Cool and good motors


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cool and good company


cool i lik this good cars so far but I lik yourobeat to.


"he coud beat devil z" Akio: ANGERYYYYY


devel z cant beatd stev mcgretgooog cuz he is good and cool and listns to bettr eurobet


You’re missing the “Nothing Personnel Kid”


ummmmm (: actually guys (: (sweeties) (: it’s ‘cool. and nice’ (: not ‘cool and good’ (:


good and cool crs iss betr caz itt is good witch is betr tan nicee annd alsso coolr


gud kras i r8 8/8 m8 i rly lik dat col n gud desing


alkuallly my cars ar so cool and good thet dey ar 100/100 not 8/8


i gib dis :b: for :b:estest cumpany loar, gr8 fual econmi. kant w8 for aktual disigns

but is :b:ettah than :b:lack :b:irdo?


blak burd is not as goood as cooll adn good cars cuz it isnt as col or god an posh cat drif as gud


not olny is cool and good car but is fastest plane too?


Plain is to slo 4 cool and good cars


eNgish pLsz


cool and motrs new car was th supr fasst 10000000. it had a lot of powr becus it hdd a 20l diesel rotre wit raccin sparc plugs adn cammshafts but was baned becas it wuz to god andd mad veryone sad :frowning: becuz it was gud and cool unlik the veryon becuz it can drif at 1000mph but waz not alowd. this one had a b12 engne becuz it iss fass and coool and evryon got one becuzz it wus cool here is a pci


the engin wuz good becuz it was two turb but 4 but 4 turb was band becuz it waz to fass
it was 100000hp in rac verson butt rod vson had to bee slow

it coms wit uerobet on rado at al tim to go fast and can doo 500mph her it is Model 4 - Trim 7.car (15.6 KB)

plz tel me wat u want to c nex ad i wil do it an alos sow old carss


aer joint venteres excepted?


gud cra m8 u need a fmily cra now but sprot with vee eigh


o k i wil do ths naw