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Cool and good motors


oh i no now no great and great motows ony lets god cars jon so no on els sory plz



Now it’s Good And Cool Motors.


cars ar good an cool neded a gret cas for family so bob mcgoodnice mad a gooog fam car calld drif secial becuz it culd drif ad be col ad stuf. it was gud becuz it culd druft ad hd popus to blnd atak lik takumi ony wit mor euobet cuz bob alwys betd takomi ad bunta cuz he wuz good adn col and bess


it hd a v8 becuz it wuz a musl car ad wuz awsum. it beted evryon becuz it wuld win. i betd bwm an odi cuz it wuz fas

Model 5 - Trim 8.car (15.9 KB)

plz giv opinon adn tisp on cr i am new bt hav 20 min so i gott god alrede tanks bye


tat KErr is Cool and good but it rotat and but it go 6 speeds mr succ will be angery


You need an off-road vehicle to compete with the Wrangler (which has no real direct competitors apart from the Mustang)


maek a crosovr fun plz ill raet 10/10


pleanse make a Calvinator-ish


but :b:lack :b:irdo kan dorift if it haz fwan engine steal cool in mah aies

alzo i luv the supr fasst cauz it haz frunt mashete to slize itz competittion. needs moar squar laiths tho. alzo plz do v12 mpv like kuarterbaqk bestest mpv on markat would r8 150/10


I’ve been gone for ONE day and everyone goes all memes and shit.


If that were to happen, surely it would be the motoring equivalent of a fast tank, complete with a gun turret up top?


Add a roof mounted weapon for maximum fun :smirk:


For the love of god,English guys!English!
Edit:No worry,I kno di sis a joke.


@Tsundere-kun Ehrmm, do you realize this is a joke, Right?


I only speak 2 languages: English, and badd inglish


Still thinc da m̶a̶r̶i̶j̶u̶a̶n̶o Cool an Good Motors is coole?

0 smoakes

3 smoakes

Nowe u stil thinc is coole?


Ur mad bcus they R Cul Drufter and Ur ricer, Zo shet Up beforz i marri uR mum irl.


Ime triing 2 giv PSA rn yu meeny.


What iz the jok her. I jus showwed my car


@BoostandEthanol Edit: Therz no joek fam, ur kharz ar wah 2 seriouz 5 me.


Oi ethanol I don’t write like that