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Corsica Motor Company - 2019 Corsica Cheetah


He’s using Century Gothic.

Otherwise, incredible work as always here Corsica! Presentation is top-notch as expected from you, and the Cheetah itself is an extremely handsome vehicle.

As they say...


Even with the standard (atmo) straight-five, the current Cheetah is a potent performer, and as for the V8 version… It’s the ultimate reasonably priced antidote to downsized turbocharged banality. At any rate, both live up to their name by being as fast as they look - and they are surprisingly affordable for the amount of performance they offer.


Fixed that for you :wink:


This is very nice, and your presentations are top notch. I need to take lessons!


I’m really loving this new wave of making presentations and showcases look like you’re actually on a car website, and this I have to see is one of the best that have appeared so far (apart from the new Quezon thread presentation) This inspired, enthusiastic and sometimes cheesy lines fit so well into a real-life perspective onto how companies present their vehicles on websites. Although the engine choices do feel quite limited compared to other real-life examples like the Charger/Challenger and Camaro. It makes more sense when you realize that the Corsica company is having financial struggles, so having a big option for engines isn’t very realistic and I love that little detail, and this entire thing makes me feel like I can just go out and actually buy myself a Cheetah right now. Good job, Corsica, because you really hit it out of the ballpark with this one.