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Corvette6317's Mods (Updated on 17/02/17)


Mid-size modern sedan (same size as BMW 3-series, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class etc.)
More variants coming later.

There is a bug where one vertex on the edge of the rear quarterlight can be moved independently of everything else. I don't know why as it is attached 100% to the same bone as the other quarterlight vertices.

Steam: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =600064191
Standalone: dropbox.com/s/svq928rxrk0qa ... e.zip?dl=0


Seems very intresting. I will give it a try tonight.
Thanks for the body :wink:


Great mod, but it could use a few morphs in the top of the rear window, top and bottom of the front window, rear bumper, end of the hood, the "hump" at the end of the hood, and the doors. And anything else you can think of.

Yeah, I'm picky, yes, I'm an asshole, but the quality of the mod is amazing nonetheless! Thanks, too, as this is the kind of mod I've been waiting for a while.


Following up on the discussion between conan and carmaker, I noticed that this car has flat side windows. It isn't a major design problem, but the car ends up looking wrong, and cheap, considering that flat glass is cheaper than curved glass, thus cheaper cars tend to have their side windows as flat as possible. Since you made this as a premium mid-size sedan, I reckon you should add some depth and curvature to the glass and window seals.


Anyone know what's causing this? The polys are in the same smoothing group, have the same material assigned and don't have a chamfer between them. The line only appears in-game, it's not there in 3ds Max.


Is there any sort of stamping issue in that spot?

Two surfaces that got UVMapped separately usually have a seam like that between them.


Thanks again Trackpaduser. I wasn't redoing the UVs between mesh changes because I didn't know it would cause that.


still need to do this


I am sure that that is on the list of things to do already :slight_smile:


Yes I have a pretty large list of things to do and currently have 3 WIP projects. When I finish my next range of bodies I will do some more fixtures.




I am currently having an issue on a near complete car body where some vertices on the in-game model are moving with a bone they are not attached to at all in 3DS Max, I've triple-checked this. I have several variants of the body all with the same values on each vertex for each bone but it is only happening on one of them. Does anyone what is causing this? Thanks in advance.


Whatever bone is the first in the list, select it and scroll to the bottom of "Advanced settings" (same place you save/load skins) and click "remove zero weights." Assuming that's the issue you're having, since I've had that a few times.


Thanks man, strange since I know I did that already.


Who knows with 3ds Max sometimes. It's finicky :laughing:


1940s Sedan:

Steam: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =636250761
Standalone: dropbox.com/s/akxy2l58ip5ny ... e.zip?dl=0

Note: The bumper overriders can make it difficult to position grilles correctly but it is possible. Easiest way to to select the body without them, add the grille, the change to the body with them.

I know I said there would be more variants of the 10s Sedan, but I haven't felt motivated to work on it for a while. I'm going to concentrate on fixtures for a while which I can do relatively quickly and easily then I may finish the sedan.


Sweet! I had plans for a 1940s American car, but you've covered what I wanted to do. :slight_smile:

Edit: I think there might be some kind of issue with the folder structure, as the Steam version isn't appearing in-game but is in the gamedata folder.




Thank you for adding some much needed vintage bodies!


If you need more inspiration for bodys like these, look through the Marvel Agent Carter series. Especially the second season, luxury cars in Hollywood. :slight_smile: