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Corvette6317's Mods (Updated on 17/02/17)


I know, love that show! I may scale this one up to match the size of period American cars but I don't plan on making another one from scratch. Modelling, mapping and skinning these more complicated shapes was a real pain and is the reason I haven't uploaded anything for so long.


Smaller cars from this time are good too :slight_smile: I just might make a huge 1940s Cadillac sedan/coupe/convertible, but the more the better for any decade.


Please do! I'd love to make some early-postwar American cars. And if you need additional inspiration for shapes and body styles, check out the game L.A. Noire. Lots of licensed rides from the era.


The '40s body is really cool, but I get the whole cooling radiator protruding through the front grille...


Which grille are you using? I thought I had adjusted for that but I guess there is a deeper grille than the one I was testing with.


Just letting you know that a lot of your models have issues with the new update. For the materials, things like ECS_BODY, ECS_CHROME, etc, all need to be in " " to work properly, so "ECS_BODY"
Lots of mod bodies, and some vanilla content, is affected by this.


I know, I'm working on updating them now, doing some other fixes while I'm at it as well so it might take a few days.


90sMRCoupe has been updated to work with new build and now has convertible variant.
Steam; steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =583161520
Standalone; dropbox.com/s/he4hgxftdyzyx ... e.zip?dl=0


There is one thing I never understood with this car, why have you made the B-pillar body colour rather than black? I would argue that it would look more sleek and elegant if it was blacked out too, so maybe you could add that version when it comes to adding the other variants?


00sCoupe has been updated:
Steam; steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... earchtext=
Standalone; dropbox.com/s/44uhnt237m43j ... e.zip?dl=0

The wing in the picture in the Steam description is one I'm working on but won't be finished for a while as I am prioritising updating my bodies.


Hi there, Corvette6317; any update on how the updating of your bodies is going? I still can't load either the '70s sedan or the '60s sedan. =(


70sSedan and 60sMRCoupe are done but I haven't uploaded them as I am restricted to internet on my phone. I'm working on the 60sSedan now.


60sMRCoupe and 70sLuxurySedan have been updated.

60sMRCoupe: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5n9zw71muzirblv/60sMRCoupeCorvette.zip?dl=0
70sLuxurySedan: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p071mh1f7bccvf4/70sLuxuryCorvette.zip?dl=0


Hey, we'd love to use these bodies as official content ingame, send me an email to Andrew@camshaftsoftware.com if you're interested :slight_smile:


Any chance of news on modern mid-size variants?


Since the devs have since added a very similar mid-size sedan as vanilla content, I decided to upscale mine into a full size. It will still be a while before that's done though as I just haven't felt motivated to work on it and have started something new in the meantime.


If you do, please make it a new mod and don't replace the current one! I love the mod as it is and I think it looks better than the vanilla one. The liftback body style is great and I've morphed mine into something very similar to the Tesla Model 3 :slight_smile:



Half the Vanilla bodies are already rescales, another won't hurt the balance.


I'll leave the mid-size version available to download but I don't plan on updating it anymore.


Can always use more full-size cars. Glad to hear you've got one kinda in the works.