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Corvette6317's Mods


Yeah, seems the problem was on my end only. It was a stupid Windows problem and it’s been resolved.


Just noticed a minor issue with the Delta: the mirrors have the window material rather than chrome.


All my cars do, I think it looks better that way.


Due to computer issues I have to remake the 00sSport, 80sCompact, 60sSedan and both 10sSedans from scratch for the UE4 version (I never sent them to the devs). Anyone have any improvements they would like to suggest? I’m also working on a few new projects at the same time. So there’ll be plenty to look forward to when we learn how to do mods for it.


I think the 10’sSedan should have a few more morphs and 4 and 2 door variants instead of the hatchback style 5 and 3 door variants, but 4 and 2 door variants aren’t required.


I’d say cabrio variants for those which don’t have it - 80sCompact, 60sSedan, maybe 10sFullsize, but the last one not very needed. Also 3dr estates/shooting brakes, especially for the older ones, as there were some 3dr utility estates in the 80s and before and shooting brakes are just cool. Other than that I agree with Speedemon.

And nice to hear that you have some new projects :slight_smile:


Well, I’d say that more variants and morphs, if practical, would be highly welcome. I will second the need for convertibles, and for 3-door shooting brakes. Also I’ll bring up a request for more utes in general, because they’re useful.

I’d like to see a shooting brake and ute morphs given to the 00’s Sport. The 80’s compact could also use a ute. It could also use a three door wagon with the rear windows paneled out, I think.

The 60’s sedan had some of the best morph variety I’d ever seen in a car.


The not-Viper body should have its ride height issue fixed - it should be reduced to a much more realistic height. Also, the not-Monaro body should display correctly in the car designer from the get-go, instead of forcing us to add quotation marks in its .lua files first.


The reason I never fixed the .lua files for the 60sSedan is because I was always trying to improve the model first, but I had a hard time getting it to look right and I lost the file and had to start over from scratch twice with that one.

I have no idea what’s causing the ride height issue with the 00sSport, one of my new projects is a 10sSport and it has the exact same problem, even though none of my other cars do. Right now I’m just hoping the same thing doesn’t happen with the UE4 versions.

A sports car-ute? Amusing idea I’ll see what I can come up with and I will defintely do the convertible and 3dr wagon/shooting brakes (2 of my new projects will also have shooting brake variants, I love them).


10s Sport:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952417975
It only has morphs for the wheel flares at the moment. I’ll add more when it goes to UE4.


What exactly is this based on? An SRT Viper? It also reminds me of an Aston Martin of the same vintage, for some reason - and it even comes as a shooting brake!


It’s a cross between a few things, I started with the Bentley EXP 10 and scaled it down to the rough dimensions of a F-Type. At first I modeled the front on a Viper but then I lifted the grille area up more like the Fiat 124.


A new vent:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=958101816

Wing02 has also been updated, it was one of the ones I lost and needed to remake and I have fixed the issue where it was darker than the body.


The updated wing02 causes my game to crash on startup.


Is it possible to get the old shape of Wing02 back? That one fit well with my cars compared to this one.


Getting the same issue here. Game’s crashing to .lua errors on startup, even after unsubbing.

@Corvette6317 Any chance to get the mod returned to what it used to be and just have a version 2.0 released?


Strange, it works fine for me, are you getting an error message? If you want to keep the original version here it is:

In case anyone doesn’t know, install it by moving the contents to:
C:\Program Files (x86) (or wherever you have Steam games set to install) \Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\GameData\Camso\carparts\Wings


Just remembered that I meant to release the downward-curved set from Wing02 separately but forgot about it:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960031148


Well, I can tell you what it reminds me of.


That’s a very accurate replica. As for the body mod itself, I can also see hints of Aston One-77 and Jag F-Type from some angles.

And regarding the updated wing mod, I can no longer use it - it’s just gone. At least I can still start the game as usual.