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Corvette6317's Mods


No problem, Corvette! Just asked, because I remembered wiggly wiggly morphs.

As a little off-topic, not sure if fixtures not going insane thing is specific to your bodies or all of them in general, if yes, then it’s best Automation update ever.




I can finally make an E30 or Delta HF replica in UE4 with this one!


Something I did a while ago but never released for Kee:





What is it based on exactly, and when is it unlocked? I don’t think it has any morphing zones, though.


It appears to be based off of the Saleen S5 Raptor.




Morphs have been added to the 10sSport.


Oh yes, NOW we’re talking!


God I never realised how many mods you were pumping out. Really good stuff Corvette, UE is becoming so much better to play because of legends like you :raised_hands:

EDIT: Oh actually, that reminds me I needed to ask about a specific mod - is this making it over at some point?


Not sure which specific mod you’re talking about but the 90sMRCoupe could be done today if people want it badly. The 10sMidSize and 00sSport I have to recreate from scratch due to a PC issue several months ago.
For the 10sMidSize (and FullSize) the 5-door liftback version (but none of the other variants) is done and could be uploaded today.
Unfortunately with the 00sSport I’ve had a hard time getting it to look right.


The 90s MR coupe is one of my favorite Kee mods. I would not be surprised if it made its way into UE4 soon.


Oh, my bad, forgot Steam had stupid link copying. Yeah, the question was about the 90s coupe, there’s no need to be pressured though, take your time. It would just be a shame not to have it at some point so I was asking :smile:


Here you go, convertible and fastback coming tomorrow.




Fastback and convertible are up.


Fastback came backfast.