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Corvette6317's Mods


70sLuxury now has 2-door convertible variant, turns out it wasn’t working before because the thumbnail file name was too long…

All variants except landaulet now also have morphs, I skinned the landaulet but got an error when I tried to mirror it. I don’t have the faintest idea what’s causing this error but I know if I delete the skin modifier and start over that will probably fix it. Can’t be bothered doing it over again now though so will probably do tomorrow.


I tried to fit a V12 in the back of the 90s MR coupe - and succeeded, but the engine bay is barely big enough for a 5.0L 60-degree V12. Still, it fits, and that’s what matters. It wasn’t possible in Kee, so the enlarged engine bay is very useful.


Considering the car it’s based on had a 3.5 litre V8 I think that’s pretty generous.


Well that’s interesting…


Someone crashed the limousine!


1980s Touring Car anyone?




This is a really nice car body, thanks @Corvette6317 for putting in the effort to make these great bodies!

If you have the time (and the desire, :smiley:) would it be possible for some extra variants of this body to be included?

I’m thinking: 2 door coupe, wagon and liftback. 4 door liftback and wagon.

Thanks again for all your efforts, I really appreciate your work!!!


I didn’t want to make a picture for each one but it includes:
4 door sedan,
2 door coupe,
3 door liftback,
5 door liftback,
4 door wagon,
2 door panel van,
2 door ute
All in late 70s chrome bumper and 80s plastic bumper versions.


Another quality Kee conversion. Well done.


Apologies, I didn’t look at the body in-game before writing my comment… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, thanks again for the cool new body, now with even more variants!


Will the 2.4m 75 body get any morphs or are you going to update that after you finish some other mods?


I will add morphs to that one eventually but I think I’ll work on something else first as doing so many variants is a huge pain and I’m in not a hurry to do it again.


00s Coupe:

Remade the model for this one as I wasn’t satisfied with the original one anymore so the shooting brake isn’t done yet.


Oh, god yes… THANKS!!!




aw yiss


I’ve been eagerly waiting for this. The fact that the UE4 version adds one additional body style (a soft-top convertible) makes it even better, especially since it wasn’t available in Kee.

Correction: This is a new body made specifically for UE4, isn’t it? Especially since the roofline is much higher now.


It’s the same body remade for UE4 with altered proportions


10s Mid-Sized Sedan:

Will make a version scaled up to full-size soon.