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Corvette6317's Mods


Any chance for a Scaled down version, too?


Maybe, I already like the modern vanilla hatchback though so I’d rather make a supermini with a different design. I’ll probably scale that one up instead.


There’s already another mid-sized sedan body in the UE4 version, but this one looks even better - just as well, given that it’s been a long time coming (and a remake of its full-sized counterpart is imminent).

Edit: The full-size version of this body is already out and I’m enjoying it to the fullest.




Wait so these work with UE4 now??


The 10sSuper has been updated, I’ve made it slightly narrower but added flare morphs. The mid-engine bay size is now more realistic and the rear-engine bay slightly bigger. I’ve also removed the recessed sides as I couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted but I’ll make a fixture to put them back in at some point.




Your bodies are really good. Could you maybe make some more eighties and nineties stuff at some point?


Thank you, my clones and I have been working out.




The Saleen body won’t allow this fixture to move past the point it is currently placed, meaning that the area circled in red is entirely unusable by this fixture, despite looking like it can fit.


Well I know that area is usable by other fixtures. Can’t think of any reason that particular one wouldn’t work unless it’s just a quirk of the fixture itself. Have you tried putting it in a similar place on any other bodies?


Had a quick look and the fixture did the same thing on the McLaren body, how bad depends on how it’s oriented. It just seems to dislike being lined up with curved edges. Still can’t think of why though.


A curious request, if you’re willing to do so, would be a limousine variant of the 80’s Executive Full-Size. Or, well, any 4-door sedan you think would work well that you’re willing to adapt.

As for why, well, I like having unusual and slightly obscure car options available to me for challenges, and I’d definitely consider a limousine to be unusual and obscure while not being completely out of the realm of possibility.


Like this?


Very much like that, yes!






My promised vent for the 10sSuper body:


Time to put that vent on to the limo.