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Corvette6317's Mods


Sorry but no to the estate, I only did the sedan version because it was quick, turning a finished sedan/coupe into a good looking estate is much harder than you might think. Rear morph, maybe if I’ve an hour to kill later.


Does the standalone file installation work with the current UE4 version of the game?
I put the files in the correct folder Automation>Gamedata>Camso>cars, but nothing shows up ingame?


I belive the steam workshop is the only way to mod for UE4.

the way mods are created and housed has changed from kee to ue4


No, putting the standalone files in UE4 won’t work as they are completely different formats, and that directory is for the old version.


thanks for the reply!


Another observation I made recently: the front of your 90sCoupe mod lends itself very well to having a front end closely resembling a that 90s Aston Martin Virage or Vantage.

It’s a pity we can’t exactly duplicate the Vantage’s twin-supercharged V8 (or any supercharged engine, for that matter) right now with actual superchargers, hence my decision to use a normally aspirated V12 for the car above - although the standard Virage’s normally aspirated V8 can be replicated.



Although in sandbox you can roleplay it with high intake quality, I guess.



If you want to roughly replicate positive displacement superchargers in the game, the best bet is to use large naturally-aspirated engines (intake alone won’t be enough). The easy way would be to take the stock supercharger size, add it to the engine’s displacement and use that number. If you don’t have the supercharger size, you can roughly estimate the new displacement by using the supercharger’s boost.

For example: Mercedes M113K has 5.4 liters engine displacement, with a 2.1-ltier supercharger, so you could use a 7.5-liter N/A engine to replicate the torque curve, or a Chrysler Hellcat has 6.2-liters displacement, with a 2.4-liter supercharger, so you could use an 8.6-liter N/A engine to replicate the torque curve.

Alternatively, if you don’t have supercharger size data, and just stock boost pressure, do the following: Take 50% of the claimed max boost pressure… let’s say it makes a peak 11.6 psi or 0.8 bar, you want to use 5.8 psi or 0.4 bar. Add that to 1 atmosphere (1 bar or 14.7 psi), so your total is 1.4 bar or 20.5 psi. Take that 1.4 and multiply it by the displacement (so 1.4 bar * 5.4 liters = 7.56 liters) or if you use psi for the Hellcat it would be (20.5 psi / 14.7 psi = 1.3946 * 6.2 liters = 8.64 liters).


Hello, coming in to report that the coupe variants from your 1975 sedan body has absolutely no cargo and passenger space at all.