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Crankshafts, Odd vs Even


Real world 90 degree V10’s seem pretty evenly split between odd and even but right now the only choice in game is even firing. Benefit vs downside here is similar to flat plane vs cross plane in a 90 degree V8 with the added benefit of the odd firing crank usually being stronger, or capable of the same strength with less weight as you don’t need to have a split crank pin or add meat between adjacent crank pins. Seems like a pretty major advantage, and I guess it is because odd firing V10s seem to make up a much larger proportion of all V10s compared to other odd firing engines.

I think the bank offset is kinda gigantic for V8s? The gap between adjacent crank pins seems as large as the gap between the pins and bearings.

I’m not sure what the use case is for a 60 degree V8 with that kind of crank? It’s odd firing both between banks and in general, and I think it’s also unbalanced. I imagine a split pin crank is coming, but it’d be nice to have a flat plane crank for narrower high performance engines, Radical’s Hayabusa based V8 uses a 72 degree bank angle for this reason.

Somewhat less common is the odd firing 90 degree V6, as these are kinda rough, but it would be nice to have the option. Hmmm, I did not realize 60 degree V6s used split pins.

I imagine you already know this, but a lot of crankshafts are missing real counterweights.