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Crashes when click play


when i click Play, BugSplat Pops up. Is there a way to fix this]


Does it do this every time you try to go into sandbox or is it random?


Every time, started happening today @Randomoinkbomb


First thing i would try is disabling your mods and pinpointing a mod that could cause it. If that doesn’t work, try some other stuff such as clearing cache, reinstalling the game, etc… If that doesn’t work then hope a dev or someone who knows what they’re doing notices and responds.


Now thinking of it. Try viewing the error report and look through the forums and check if someone else came across the same error.


I fixed it. Since i did a restore point on my pc, it reversed from the update, so i had to update it again but thanks for your help! @Randomoinkbomb


Next time, send your game log or attach it here, it is available through the game launcher. That most likely will reveal the cause.