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Crazy, ugly, or plain bad craigslist cars


There’s no way you’re gonna convince me that engine is all mechanical. All over the road diesel engines from at least the late 1980s use electronic fuel injection. The merciless emissions laws prohibit it being otherwise.


It seems to obviously be a US import, and from what I remember, diesel trucks are not really subject to emissions testing, why else you think coal rollers get away with it?

EDIT: from what I found in the US (even today) diesel vehicles only need to be emissions tested once when leaving the factory (which is how VW got away with dieselgate for a little while since diesels rarely, if ever, get tested). And in the case of this Mack, its classified as a heavy duty truck (as in the same class as semi trucks, not Heavy duty pickups, that’s a different heavy duty class), which in the US (at least back when it was made) would have had it emissions exempt period, so yeah, it is pretty easy to believe that it is all mechanical.
(Also apologies if I’m off on my info, it’s 11PM and I’m too tired to fact check)


Heavy duty trucks going over the road are pretty heavily scrutinized for emissions. That’s the reason Caterpillar no longer makes engines for on road purposes. (They had a similar emissions scandal in 1999) The same reason two stroke diesels are no longer a mainstream item, by the early 1990s they couldn’t meet emissions requirements. Unless that truck was sold outside the US I’m certain it would have the electronics required to meet 1997 emissions standards. Since it says Staten Island, I rest my case.


While searching pics of fox mustangs to figure out what future rims I would like to run on my car, I found this article on an ebay car…



It’s kind of related and i wish i could get pictures, i’ll try, but in my city there’s a red 2006 hyundai sonata with raised up suspension, chrome 25 inch rims, chrome front diffuser, chrome side windows, chrome doorlining, chrome window lining, it’s essentially a shitstorm of chrome garnish


I see those periodically, but not on Craigslist, since no one of sense would buy them.



Please. Anybody. Put this poor car out of its misery. Somebody legitimately thought it’d be a good idea to take a freaking Impala, put on a body kit, and call it a Skyline clone?


Actually It’s a Sky-Co-palla.

Get it right, Geez



I cannot fathom a response to that one.


I can. What drugs were they on when they thought this was a good idea?


Forget the thinking part… what mental stero-supplements were these people on when they decided to chop a Geo Metro, a Harley and then mate it all together? You couldn’t possibly be high for so long that you literally lost control of your hands and brain :joy:




No, all of them. Add to that a few leaves, some fungus, couple of cups of coffee with expired cream… yeah, you get the picture.



just wut?


What the heck?

I’m not even sure what the ad is about? (car? person? rant?)


The only person who would respond to this ad in earnest is the same one who gives $10000 to the “Nigerian prince” who emailed them.





Why are you finding these things

I’m starting to question your internet practices


I think you should be questioning the sanity of my local population, they’re the ones making the ads