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Crazy, ugly, or plain bad craigslist cars


Bah, you can make any car into a boat. All you need is duct tape and a lot of insurance.


Here’s another one to question sanity. Someone legit uploaded this under “cars & Trucks”



Well, amongst the Amish, it is a legitimate form of transportation. Though I don’t know any Amish who use the internet so they’d be out as buyers.

I like how it lists “other” under fuel. It should’ve said oats.


Yeah, I think that too… and lol at the oats part

Also, is it post shit ad week or something?


I love how they got the engine size wrong. They should add: “People who do not huff paint thinner need not apply.”


Maybe they could’ve stroked it out to compensate for the extra weight. Not that it’d make a difference with tires like that…


It’s official, it’s shit ad week here



4 cyl N/A. massive body kit, wing. 2WD only. Sounds like rice to me, except… it’s a S-10!?


triple exhausts too


A 5 speed would at least make it fun to drive… if it didn’t have all that crap done to it.


Our local equivalent to Craigslist…

1998 Ford Escort ZX2, a modern barn find.

(No, that’s not patterned plastic. It’s dirt/rot.)


There’s was once a 2002 Dodge Dakota someone was selling here as a barn find, however they at least had the decency to wash it first


Here’s a 1982 Monte Carlo diesel.

Now let’s take a peek inside.

:fearful: :crocodile:


10/10, would drive the crap out of.


Let me guess: Florida?


The Monte Carlo: The poor mans pimp mobile. Though in that case I think it would be the pimp mobile of the Swamp People.


Nah, that car was (is?) for sale in Estonia


Really? That was so tacky that I thought only America’s trash can could make it.


You can get a Latvian armoured SUV with an interior of whale penis leather. Yeah.

The Dartz Prombron.


Unlike most of the cars on here, this one doesn’t have any bizarre modifications.

But it doesn’t need to, because it’s a goddamn Bricklin SV-1!



$700 CAD can get you…

“for sale custom built sunfire roadster 2.2 litre auto seats 3 runs and drives looking for interesting trades or cash”