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Crazy, ugly, or plain bad craigslist cars


wow what a bargain


I wish I’d saved a pic of this, a few months back there was a ad from Connecticut USA for a late 70’s Datusn 260z, it was black with flame decals around the front wheels you’d see on the Bigfoot monster truck from the 80’s. It had a engine swap from the 2.6 straight 6 to a chrome finished Chevy 283 (4.6L) v8 with a hole cut in the hood so the air cleaner popped out, it had chrome side pipes that ran the full length of the wheel base outside the rocker panels and a 3 speed auto backing it. It was equal parts horrible and glorious and would probably have lost a drag race to a Corolla.


So it was basically this, except as a 260Z instead of a Challenger?


no those flames are way too good, more like these.

But the side pipes are exactly the same, also the 283 chevy was probably only good for maybe 200hp


Found a 1976 Corvette for $34,000. It’s been slightly modified…



Ok, there is no way this car is worth $160K



a) It’s been involved in some dirty shit because the cleaner the M3, the more likely it is to have been owned by a drug dealer
b) the owner is deluded about ‘BMW service done right’
c) the owner is lying, has been burnt and is trying to recoup and the quoted price is actually how much he’s spent maintaining the car
d) All of the above


I know BMWs are expensive, but they’re not THAT expensive. Dude’s about 25 years early to be charging that.



I’ve always loved triple axle cars / vans / light trucks… but that’s the only aspect of that thing that I like. Also… don’t tell me that only the “middle” axle is powered. :confounded:


That oddly looks like it was a normal camper conversion at one point in time, then someone just went ham crazy on it

@KA24DEunfortunately, i’d believe so, would probably be too costly to custom engineer such a solution. If anything, would be easier to just get in a Transfer Case from a Ram Truck and at least make it a 4X6 (2 rear and 2 front)


It already uses a Ramcharger engine. And it’s got a disco ball.

######I figure most people won’t be able to read the French ad.


From that thumb alone I got that it’s never been to the snow, but I’d love to know if it could handle it anyway :joy:


Looks like someone failed his CDL test one too many times, but just really wanted to feel like a trucker.


Is this American rice?



Alright, found a 1969 Camaro RS with LS3 for $13,500

Now for photos…

Just look at that patina!


I think he got the model mixed up, the quad exhaust reminds me more of a corvette, plus those rear brake discs indicate its a tad newer than '69

seriously though, that’s the definition of a comedy ad right there


Those rear disc brakes could’ve been aftermarket, either way, sick mufflers bro!
(Since that’s about the only thing that looks somewhat intact)


Seems to actually be a C7 Corvette, just from the exhausts. And that most of the car carbonised, something metal bodies don’t do.


I’m thinking 13.5 is a bit much.