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Crazy, ugly, or plain bad craigslist cars


Yeah, probably only worth 13.2k :stuck_out_tongue:



Came across this Golf, no question it was stolen with fairly low miles, low price, and no title

I guess there is nothing really crazy or just bad but it is waaaayyyyy too obvious


i see some ads like that all the time, like a 2008 Dodge stratus, only 8,000 miles and no title :stuck_out_tongue: seller claimed to be a body shop that did body work to it after it was in a collision back in 2008 and the customer never came to pick it up, but the fishy part is, why wait 9 years?


Wait for a cop to drive by and he’ll probably drop the price down to $100.


Not so much the car itself as the advert.


I feel soo bad for this integra…


On the plus side, you know it’d never get stolen.



Italian cars in a nutshell.


Gotta respect the honesty.


A Holden HR on a Land Rover Chassis…

Why? Although NZ$500 does seem a tad steep for a box of Rust.


Looks like sth that would be build in a communist country :smiley:


looks like something i’d make lol


Alright, I found some genuine Premium Shit™ for sale. It’s garbage that someone put true time and effort into.

Let me present to you the Chevrolet S10 convertible:

So much Premium Shit™ that it can’t all fit in a single photo. Can be yours for 2000 Canadian Pesos.


They ship to DC? :stuck_out_tongue:


At least the roof can be reinstalled, I’ve seen much more half-ass convertible setups. (Grand Marquis with the roof sawed off to make a Ranchero for instance)


There’s an S10 (or C/K1500, I forget which) that’s even more riced out (and it has a matching Suburban). I drive past it all the time. It’s not for sale ( I think), but you guys would get a kick out of it. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow.



This is a Mazda RX-3. For the price of this RX-3, you could buy…

A Ferrari 328 GTS


A 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

Or an HSV Maloo!.

Every single on of these cars are NZ$120,000

Every. One. Of. Them.

Here’s the RX3 for Sale

The Ferrari

The Viper

And the Maloo.

Take your Pick.


RX3 all day.

How much are RX4s?


Here’s a Rusty RX4 from California being shipped to NZ.



This is a Replica of the 1950 Formula One Winning Race car. This is a child’s Go-Kart.