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Create more exporters


(I want to see if you can make a exporter for car machanic simulator 2018) “this suggestion is figured out already” the reason i thought of this question is that would be cool


I highly doubt it can or will be done. The lack of an interior and not as complex body parts ish system (bolts, bushings, etc…) would make it extremely time consuming for the devs to implement.


The BeamNG.Drive exporter was done in collaboration with that dev team and took about 6 months to develop iirc. Something like Car Mechanic Simulator is so drastically different that it might not even be possible without completely reworking how cars are made in Automation.


I agree but would be a good idea tho


this wont work becuse thay have different engines cms2018 runs on unity and automation runs on unreal engine 4


The graphics engine is irrelevant. Time. Money. A SHIT LOAD of co-operation and communication.


There are tons of great ideas for the game that are based on the premise of:

  • infinite money
  • infinite time
  • infinite competence
  • infinite manpower
  • infinite will to make it happen

I don’t think this is how ideas should be judged though, being part of the real world.
Dreams on the other hand don’t have to have those limitations, so go ahead. :wink:


if your desperate to have an automation car in CMS, it is possible with a bit of work, basically turning the model from the beam export into a mod. Its probably not too easy though