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Create new family out of existing model?


Hey there, I want to create a new car family out of an existing model. Reason: I want one model of this family to have a solid rear axle instead of a double wishbone. But the game does only allow to change it for the whole family.

I tried renaming it and then adding it back to the game by CarSaveImport. However it gets automatically renamed and put back into the original family…
Any other ideas how to do that?


Honestly as of now I don’t know a way to copy trims or engines like that, and based on what I have been told in the past its not something easy to add either due to the way they are handled by the current game engine.

The best solution if you have not spend hours doing the fixtures ect is just to create a new trim, and do the same design choices… its sub ideal, but it really doesn’t take as long as you think, since all the concept, tweaking ect is already done, your just doing data input on those numbers.

Or if you have put too much time into the design, you may be able to live with the hack of keeping the export files for both original and a changed version… and just deleting the currently loaded model to import the other version… but this can be a headache later. Fortunately it doesn’t bother the cars you’ve exported to beamNG drive… as long as you type a different mod name it doesn’t over-write, so you can drive both in a single beam instance even if they can’t be loaded into an automation play session at once.


Yes, keeping the export files and then re adding them into the game is my current solution. I was hoping there was an actual way but for now I can live with that “solution”